Understanding 1×2 Betting In Football | 1×2 Betting Explained

1x2 Betting Explained

For punters and sports fans in the UK who aim to win big and avoid losing money by making silly mistakes, understanding the idea of a 1×2 bet is essential when it comes to the thrilling world of football betting.

This strategy involves 3 options, which we will go over and explain in full in this article.  It’s natural for this betting strategy to be confusing at first. When this betting technique is mastered by bettors, they may confidently enter the betting world and access a plethora of betting options.

Simply put, a 1×2 bet allows bettors to participate in the game they love and makes use of their sports expertise to potentially win big money with smart moves due to its simple interpretation. An essential element of every football fan’s toolset, regardless of the venueโ€”local matches or global competitionsโ€”is understanding what 1×2 signifies in a wager. Enjoy MrBetting.co.uk betting guide and we hope you’ll be clear on how to win using this strategy by the end!

1×2 Bets Explained in Football Betting 

You may be wondering what exactly is 1ร—2 betting, which is also referred to as three-way betting or match outcome betting. The 1ร—2 connotation is associated with betting on a certain game’s outcome, which makes sense. That is to say, you have to guess if the game will end in a home or away win or in a draw.

Additionally, the results of a tie are denoted by “X,” the home win by “1,” and the away win by “2.” Odds for each of these three alternatives would, of course, be provided by a bookmaker. As it makes sense, only football matches with three possible outcomes are eligible for betting using the 1×2 market. 

Here’s an example of what 1×2 means in betting. Let’s say two teams played each other. For instance, the home team A would be represented by 1 in the 1×2 betting market if Team A and Team B were playing a game at team A’s stadium. However, because they are the away team, team B would be represented as “2.” Finally, “X” would stand for a draw. 

How to Bet on a 1×2 in the 1st Half of the Game

Using different strategies is popular among football betting. In addition to placing bets on the whole game, you may only want to bet on the outcome of the first half or second half of the game. This should be clearer in the example below, helping you to understand the meaning of the first half of 1ร—2 in full.

For instance, you can choose to wager on the home team to win the match between Crystal Palace and Wolverhampton. Under such circumstances, Crystal Palace doesn’t need to the match. It just has to outscore the other team in the game’s opening half to win.  

Betting on the Second Half of the Game Using the 1×2 

It is also possible to place a wager on how the game will end in the second half, in which case any first-half scores should be disregarded. The meaning of the second half 1ร—2 should become clearer for you in the following example.

One game you can choose to be on, for example. is between Fulham and Everton. It’s a second-half wager on the home team to win. The only thing that matters is that Everton’s second-half score should be higher than Fulham’s. The away team’s whole match victory is meaningless. Your investment is still profitable even if Lille wins 4:1. 

How to Bet on 1ร—2 Market

It’s important to remember that you can mix up to three 1×2 wagers. When you bet on 1×2 in sports betting, you may thus also place doubles, trebles, and accumulator bets. Here’s how easy it is to place this kind of bet type using our betting tips:

  • When wanting to place a 1×2 bet on any kind of betting site, always check that you’ll be betting on a sport that has 3 outcomes.
  • After choosing a certain game, the 1×2 market should show up close to the top of the list of betting markets that are accessible. There are occasions when this is the only  market available on an online sportsbook’s home page. The option “More Bets” or something like that frequently has others accessible.
  • The 1×2 betting odds for the home team win, draw or away win should then be reviewed. Your decision over which of the three possible outcomes to select should be clearer after comparing them.
  • You should proceed to place your chosen wager after you have chosen the desired prediction.
  • You will receive your earnings after the match ends if you win anything.

How Do 1×2 Betting Odds Work?

Before proceeding with this kind of wager, you should be able to read the 1ร—2 odds in addition to comprehending the definition of 1ร—2. Sports betting odds represent the probability of each result in this betting market. 

For instance, the former is more likely to win if (1) Newcastle is valued at 4.75 and (2) Burnley is at 1.67. The chances of winning for Newcastle are much higher if the draw is valued at 4.20

 How to Calculate the Payout for a 1ร—2 Bet

Now that you understand what a 1ร—2 bet is and how to place it, we’ll teach you how to calculate the payout for this type of bet. Consequently, multiplying the investment by the odds yields the return on your 1×2 wager.

As you now know, football is the most popular sport that bettors use 1×2 markets on. Let’s give another example. Manchester City, the home team, and Arsenal, who are playing away, for instance, are the teams that will play against each other. Again, there are three outcomes you can bet on. For this specific game, with 4.82 odds for the home team, 3.94 for a draw, and 1.68 for an away triumph, these are the available odds for our example.

To calculate your potential payout, let’s say that you want to place a ยฃ20 bet. The reward according to the result you backed is as follows: 

  • You will get ยฃ96.40 (ยฃ20 x 4.82) if you bet on the home team, Manchester City, and they win. 
  • If you placed a bet on the game to end in a draw and it happens, your payoff for betting on the “X” will be ยฃ33.60 (ยฃ20 x 1.68 = ยฃ33.60)
  • If your wager is successful and you bet on Arsenal to win, you will receive ยฃ78.8 (ยฃ20 x 3.94).

Using 1ร—2 Betting in Other Sports

Including football, bookmakers also provide different types of 1×2 betting markets for other sports including volleyball, rugby, ice hockey, and cricket. Basketball is an additional option, but bear in mind that these games rarely result in a tie. But 1ร—2 betting isn’t available for games like tennis, where a draw is unachievable.

Understanding What a 1×2 Handicap Bet Is

Like 1ร—2 wagering, handicap betting is another simple to bet way and a kind of three-way betting. When one side is superior to the other, this wager is rather common. Many bookmakers also offer this type of betting market, so don’t think that it’s uncommon. To balance the playing field, the favourite is given a goal deficit, or “handicap.”

Many bookmakers may offer a one-goal deficit, two (-2), three (-3), or more handicap depending on the strengths of both sides. Therefore, for you to have a successful bet, the favourite must overcome the handicap that has been set. 

Using the following example, let us explain the handicap betting approach. Borussia Dortmund is the opponent of Bayern Munich. Bayern leads the game by two points (-2), while the underdog has an early two-point edge (+2). It must win by three goals or more if you are betting on Bayern. You will receive your money back if they win by two goals and tie the virtual match. You lose your bet in any other situation.

If Borrusia Dortmund loses by a single goal, your single bet on the underdog will be profitable. But the bookmaker will return your investment if they lose by two goals. Once again, you will lose your stake in any other scenario.

Placing a 1×2 Football Bet in an Away Win Explained

What is using 1ร—2 betting strategies on the team winning away? Maybe you want to support the visiting team at this point and bet on them to win the game. Let’s examine the following example to understand the away 1ร—2 strategy.

The home team gets 1.76 odds while the away team has 4.42 in the matchup between (1) Manchester United and (2) Manchester City. It costs 2.84 for the draw. Given the odds, you would most likely support Manchester City because it has a far higher chance of winning. 

What Is a Good 1ร—2 Betting Strategy?

When you bet on this market, what 1×2 betting strategy might be useful to you? It should be mentioned that these tips created by our betting experts do not guarantee a winning bet slip. You shouldn’t rely solely on our tips and expect to win big. They can, however, assist you in placing more intelligent bets.

Here is what our betting experts recommend that you do when you choose to bet at 1×2 odds. The following are what a good strategy requires, and can be applied to both beginners and experienced punters:

  • You need first to understand what 1ร—2 means in all contexts.
  • It is also advisable that you familiarise yourself with the sports betting forecasts before placing a 1ร—2 wager.
  • Additionally, you must take the lower odds into account because the odds indicate a game’s likely result.
  • Keep up with the latest news. It also allows you to monitor various teams and sports news. That may also assist you in selecting the course of action you wish to take. 

What Are the Pros and Cons of 1ร—2 Betting?

Additionally, you may read more about the advantages of using 1×2 betting for a more thorough explanation. In the beginning, every sportsbook offers the 1ร—2 betting market. This kind of wager is also included in several sports categories. Not only is this market easy to wager on, but it’s also a great choice for both novice and seasoned gamblers and in our opinion, one of the best betting methods.

This kind of betting does have its drawbacks, though. The 1ร—2 bet excludes overtime within the game, so, for instance, if the outcome shifts in your favour during extra time, it won’t matter.  External variables can have a significant impact on this betting market. An entirely different conclusion than the one you expected may occur, for instance, if a crucial player is absent from the game. This isn’t limited to just football, but it applies to all types of different sports too.

1×2 FAQs

Does Every Sport Offer 1×2 Betting?

This betting market is only available for sports categories where an outcome of a draw is possible. Football, basketball, rugby, and cricket are a few of the sports.

Does 1×2 Betting Allow Overtime?

In 1ร—2 betting, game time is not taken into account. Therefore, your wager will not be impacted if a win is determined by a score during extra time.

In What Way is 1×2 Read?

The meaning of 1ร—2 is straightforward: the three possible outcomes of the fixture are represented by the letters “1, X, and 2”. Put otherwise, “1” denotes the victory at home, “2” means the victory away, and “X” means the tie. 

How Can I Lose a Wager of 1X2?

You will lose your investment if the team you supported loses or ties the match, and you bet on the opposite outcome. Likewise, your wager is considered lost if you pick a tie yet the home team or the away team wins. 

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