CSGO Betting Guide: How To Bet On Counter-Strike

How to bet on csgo

CS:GO betting has grown in popularity recently, becoming a top esports title for betting. It’s like the new kid on the block that everyone wants to be friends with. Pretty much every traditional bookmaker has welcomed CSGO betting with open arms, and why not? Matches are rolling out non-stop, from Tokyo to Toronto, creating a buffet of betting delights.

Now, if you’re just stepping into this world, some things might seem daunting at first, but with the right guidance, you’re safe. It’s like learning how to ride a bike; you wouldn’t start without knowing the brakes and gears first. This guide is your one-stop shop to get you pedalling smoothly through the twists and turns of CS2 betting.

NOTE: On Sep. 27, 2023, Valve launched Counter-Strike 2, succeeding CS: Global Offensive after over a decade. The last major CSGO LAN event was ESL Pro League Season 18, with MOUZ as champions. The inaugural CS2 LAN event was the Sydney Masters, marking the first major opportunity for CS2 betting.

What is CSGO?

Counter-Strike has taken the online gambling world by storm, becoming the biggest esports game globally. The game offers not only a roller coaster ride when you’re playing, but also when you’re watching from the sidelines. That’s part of the reason why it’s so big in the betting world.

At its heart, CS might seem straightforward: two teams, one playing terrorist, the other counter-terrorist. The terrorist team aimed to plant a bomb, and the other bent on stopping them. Simple, right? But peel back the layers, and you’ll find a game rich with strategy, teamwork, and split-second decisions. That’s the magic of Counter-Strike; it’s as deep as it is wide, drawing you into its world, game after game.

How is CS2 Played?

In Counter-Strike, each team gets a turn at playing both roles – the Terrorists aiming to plant the bomb and the Counter-Terrorists striving to stop them. It’s like two sides of the same coin, simple at first glance but packed with intricate layers beneath.

The goal? Be the first team to clinch 16 rounds, with up to 30 rounds on the table, not counting any overtime. This means both teams need to come prepared with a game plan strong enough to last through a potential marathon of rounds. Here’s where the chess-like strategy kicks in.

At the beginning of each round, teams receive money based on their performance in the previous round. Sometimes they’re rolling in cash when they win the round, ready to gear up fully for the next showdown. Other times, they’re scraping by, forced to get creative with limited resources. It’s in these nail-biting, make-or-break moments that the game transforms into a spectacle of strategy and skill, especially when the stakes are high and the competition fierce.

The Best CS2 Betting Sites

Counter-Strike Global Offensive isn’t just a popular market for esports betting. The Counter-Strike betting market is a cultural phenomenon, and almost every traditional bookmaker offers it. But how do you find the top betting site that offers CS2 as a betting option? 

With betting sites becoming more and more popular, finding a great CSGO betting sites might be hard for new players. Each site has its unique flavour and offerings. Only the best have earned a spot on this list. Created this list based on the odds the sites are offering, the welcome bonuses like free bets, and how easy it is to use the betting website. So, here are the best Counter Strike betting platforms on the betting market.

How to Bet on CSGO?

Now you might be wondering how to bet on CS2. Don’t worry; starting out with CS2 match betting is a straightforward process that doesn’t require much knowledge. The whole process is as easy as any traditional sports betting you may have done before. Here’s your step-by-step guide on how to start with Counter-Strike betting:

✔️ Find a Trustworthy Site

To start betting on CS2 matches, you have to find the best esports betting site. Check one of the reputable CS2 sites from our list. These are all well-regulated and licensed esports sites which offer safe betting and a variety of betting options.

✔️ Sign-Up

If you’re entirely new to betting, register on the website to become a part of the action. The sign-up process shouldn’t take you long, so in just a couple of minutes, you’ll be fine to place your bets.

✔️ Make a Deposit

To start betting on the matches, first, you’ll have to make an initial deposit. Deposit the amount you’re comfortable betting with.

✔️ Grab Your Bonus

Keep an eye out for any welcome bonuses or betting offers you can claim. One such bonus can significantly boost your gambling experience. 

✔️ Choose a Match To Place a Bet On

Browse through upcoming matches, explore different bet types, and check out the odds before placing your first bet.

✔️ Place a Bet

Decide on your bet type and place your wager.

✔️ Wait for the Win

Now, all that’s left is to watch the match unfold and see if luck is on your side!

Betting on CS2 is no more complicated than any traditional sports betting you might be familiar with. And if you’re entirely new to the world of betting, don’t worry, we’ve got plenty of CS2 betting tips to help you get your bearings. Ready to jump in?

Types of CS:GO Bets

One of the main reasons why Counter-Strike betting is so popular is that there is often times more extensive variety of bets than in other sports. Not only that, but some sites, particularly those specializing in esports, might even offer you some unique betting options. 

Here’s a rundown of the most popular CS:GO bets that any solid esports bookmaker should provide:

Match Winner: With a Match winner, you bet on which team will win the match.

Handicap Betting: Adjusting the Match Winner odds to level the playing field. This can be done by giving one side an advantage.

Correct Score Betting: To win your bet, you have to predict the exact score of the match.

Single Map Winner: Betting on who will triumph in a specific map within a match.

Map Handicap Rounds: Betting on the rounds won with a handicap in place.

Draw/Overtime: Wagering on whether the game will go to overtime.

Series Bets: Wagering on the number of maps a team will win in a series.

Over/Under Total Rounds: Predicting if the total rounds played will be over or under a specified number.

Map Pistol Round Winners: Betting on the victor of the first or second pistol round in a map.

Betting on teams is exciting for every player who is just trying out betting for the first time, but to make progress understanding how to read betting odds is crucial. Odds might come in various formats like decimal (common in Europe) or American (used by US sportsbooks). Each format tells the same story in a different way, so getting a handle on them will significantly enhance your betting strategy.

Counter-Strike Betting Tips and Strategies

If Counter-Strike: Global Offensive betting is new to you, you can’t go and place CSGO bets unprepared. But preparing yourself can take some time, so here are some esports betting tips and strategies to keep you on track without wasting time:

✅ Do Your Homework

We can’t emphasise this enough. Before placing a bet, do a little digging. You wouldn’t want to bet on a team to win a specific CS:GO map if they historically struggle with it. Understanding team form and trends can significantly sharpen your betting decisions.

✅ Tune into the Live Stream

Watching the game as it unfolds is invaluable. With live streams, you’ll have a better sense of how your bet is shaping up. It’ll also provide you with insights for your future bets. It’s like having a crystal ball, giving you a glimpse into potential outcomes. The ESL Pro League, BLAST Premier, and IEM events stand out as prime choices for both watching and betting.

✅ Keep It Simple

If you’re just starting out with this type of betting, it’s wise to keep it simple. Maybe hold off on that ambitious 10-team accumulator. Stick to simpler, low-risk bets. They’re easier to track and can still provide a decent return. Think of it as learning to walk before you run.

✅ Learn to Read the CSGO Betting Odds

Odds are like a weather forecast for your bets. They tell you what might happen and how much you could win. And just like the weather, they’re not always right, but they give you an idea of what to expect. So, learn how to read them. At first, it might sound confusing with all the odds formats, but once you get the hang of it, your entire online betting game will change.

✅ Shop Around

Keep in mind when betting that not all betting sites are created equal. Odds can vary when you’re betting on esports, so don’t settle for the first line you see. A little shopping around can lead to better value bets.

✅ Bet Responsibly

Yes, we know winning is great, but it’s not everything. Don’t chase losses because that only leads to bigger ones. Set a budget and stick to it; it’s not a good idea to place all your money on one bet. So, always bet what you can afford to lose. If you want to be a successful bettor, first, you have to be a smart one.

✅ CSGO Pre-Match Betting Strategies

We all know the saying that knowledge is power. Before placing pre-match bets, arm yourself with information about the team, its players, and performance on specific maps. Narrowing down your bets based on research can increase your chances of success.

✅ CSGO Live Betting Strategies

Live betting is all about timing and instinct. You won’t have time for in-depth research, so keep a close eye on the stream. When you spot a good bet at a great price, trust your gut and go for it.

Remember, these tips are your toolkit for smarter betting. Use them wisely, and may the odds be ever in your favour!

Is CSGO Betting Safe?

The short answer – yes. CS2 betting is legal and safe as long as you’re of legal betting age in your country and as long as you are betting through a well-regulated site.

While it’s perfectly fine to place bets with legitimate and legal eSports betting sites, steer clear of illegal CS2 skins gambling sites. Those can lead to the loss of valuable in-game items and are best avoided for a safe and legal betting experience.

Major CS2 Tournaments in 2024

CS2 is not going anywhere. The ever-growing roster of tournaments speaks to the game’s thriving scene. It’s a bustling arena, not just for top-notch players but for legions of fans who tune in by the millions to catch live-action and place their bets.

For those eager to dive into CSGO gambling, 2024 is packed with thrilling tournaments. Here’s a list of major events to keep an eye on:

  • BLAST Premier: Spring Groups
  • IEM Katowice 2024
  • PGL Major Copenhagen 2024
  • PGL Major Copenhagen 2024 Asia
  • PGL Major Copenhagen 2024
  • IEM Cologne 2024
  • BLAST Premier: World Final

Counter-Strike Betting: Final Words

CSGO betting is exciting, a bit unpredictable, but oh-so rewarding with the right approach. Remember, it’s not a sprint; it’s a marathon. Keep it smart and play it safe. There are ups and downs, but it’s all about the thrill of the ride. The world of CSGO betting is your oyster, so go ahead and crack it open!


What is CS2 betting?

CS2 betting involves wagering on the outcomes of Counter-Strike 2 matches. Bookmakers offer odds reflecting the anticipated results, with a small margin for themselves. As a bettor, you choose a team you believe will win, place your bet on matches using a bet slip, and if your prediction is correct, you receive winnings based on the agreed odds at the time of your bet.

Is Counter-Strike betting safe?

Yes, eSports and Counter-Strike betting are entirely legal activities, but caution is advised as many offshore e-sports betting sites aren’t regulated by UK, CA, or EU authorities. Before depositing or sharing personal details, ensure the site’s credibility. For a secure and regulated betting experience, consider using MrBetting.co.uk betting module to find the best odds when CSGO betting in the UK.

How does Live Betting work in CS2?

Live betting in CSGO allows you to place bets on Counter-Strike matches as they unfold, offering dynamic odds that reflect the real-time action and events of the game. Unlike pre-match betting, where you bet on a match before the game starts, live streams lets you respond to the game’s flow, making decisions based on live strategies, player performances, and sudden changes.

Which CS:GO betting tactics work the best?

Our staff of expert gamblers and punters has painstakingly put together this compilation of expert eSports betting advice and tactics here at Mrbetting.co.uk. Our goal is to simplify the terminology so you can comprehend it better and use it to enhance your play style.

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