Four Fold Bet Explained: How Does a 4 Fold Bet Work

Four Fold Bet Explained

A Four-Fold bet is a type of multiple bet known as an accumulator with four separate legs. In this bet type, several different bets are combined into one. This is one of the most popular sports betting strategies, often used in team sports like football betting or eSports betting and requires bettors to wager on multiple outcomes on the same bet slip, in this case, four outcomes. 

How does Fold Betting work?

A fold bet is a single bet placed on a certain number of selections, and for the bet to win, all of the selections must be successful. This rule also applies to larger bets, so if you make a nine-fold bet, all nine selections must win for winning; if you only get seven correct, you will not receive any winnings. For example, if you pick four football games and all four picks are correct, you’ll see huge returns for your initial stake. It’s important to note that you must correct all 4 selections to receive any payouts – if even one prediction turns out wrong, your entire bet will be lost.

There is one exception to this betting: placing those bets on more selections increases bet numbers. For example, you can place a 4 fold on six selections, so you cover every combination of four from the six selections you choose. That’s a total of 15 bets. You must pay 15 times your unit stake to cover the full bet.

In summary, a fold betting can contain several selections, depending on the number at the front of the ‘fold’ in the name. Usually, these are bets placed as one bet on all selections to win. It covers you more, but you have a bigger outlay than a regular fourfold.

4 fold bet explained

This type of bet involves combining four selections into an accumulator bet that involves making multiple selections and using the earnings from each selection as the stake for the next bet on the coupon. 

These are a great way to maximize the value of shorter odds, especially when betting on favourites. By multiplying the odds from each successful selection, betting can increase the likelihood of making successful selections. However, it’s important to remember that no bet is guaranteed, so it’s essential to conduct thorough research and bet in a focused manner. The next sections will discuss some strategies for successful accumulator betting.

How to place a four fold bet?

To place a four fold bet, select each market you want to add to your bet slip. You may be asked to enter your stake as you add each market, but you can do this at the end. Review the odds after adding your four selections and ensure everything is accurate.

Once you have checked that your bet is set up how you want, choose the amount you want to bet. Ensure you have enough funds in your betting account to cover your stake. After confirming your stake, click the “Bet Now” tab or its equivalent to place your bet.

Why should you place a 4-fold?

This is a good way of maximizing the value of shorter odds. It is a good way of betting on favourites, as the odds of each successful selection are multiplied. Betting can also boost your chances of making successful selections. It would help if you always remembered that no bet is ever guaranteed to be successful, so you still need to make sure you do your research and bet in as targeted and focused a way as possible. We’ll brief you on a few strategies for betting successfully with accumulators below.

What can you include in a 4 fold?

You can include almost any combination of selections in your 4 fold acca. This allows you to choose from various markets, sports, and odds. You can select bets from the same sport or mix and match from different sports, as well as use a variety of markets. However, you could make your weekend stake by covering a range of sports you intend to watch, like the Premier League, horse racing and more.

Four-fold bet calculator

Calculating your potential returns is easy. There are four main ways you can go about it; let’s see below:

Check the betting slip

Upon placing a bet, the bookmaker will display the potential overall earnings on the slip. Remember that this will only apply if all four selections are correct; otherwise, your earnings will depend on the specific successful selections and their odds. 

Use a free bet calculator.

Utilize a free bet calculator to determine your potential earnings. Many online calculators enable you to input your odds and selections, including each-way stakes, void bets/non-runners, dead heats, and bookies’ betting offers

Calculate manually

It would help if you manually calculated your earnings depending on the number of your four successful selections. This could mean calculating just one bet or all bets. If you have a basic understanding of access, you should be able to check your returns manually easily. 

Check your returns

It is uncommon for bookmakers to make mistakes with the fundamental elements of a bet, such as the total returns. While double-checking is a good idea, you can generally trust that the bookie has calculated it correctly. If you are comfortable, you can view your returns through My Account or My Bets (settled) on most betting sites

Using a digital calculator simplifies computations because most interfaces are designed to be easy for users. Nevertheless, if you opt to calculate by hand, your first task would be to identify the fifteen successful bets based on the results of the four rounds. After you have accomplished this, you can determine the total amount won by adding together the successful outcomes of each bet.

Each way 4 fold

As we have observed, you can make fourfold bets in almost any type of wager and place them as win bets or as each-way bets. Each-way bets are most commonly placed on horse racing, although they can be placed on any sport that offers each-way betting. For example, a non-racing 4 fold could involve making an ante-post bet on the top goalscorer in the Premier League, La Liga, Serie A and the Bundesliga.

It is important to remember that the entire bet is considered each way, similar to any each-way accumulator. You cannot select only some legs each way; the entire wager must be. Therefore, you have two separate bets – a successful fourfold and a place bet – and they are not dependent on each other.

To win both bets, all selections must be successful. If one selection fails to be placed, all bets will be lost. However, if all four legs place, or someplace and some legs win, then each-way part of the bet will be successful.

Tips to increase your betting success

After understanding the concept of a 4-fold bet, it is important to understand that the tactics for effectively making these bets are similar to those for any other bet, with a few differences. Like any other sports wager, these bets demand thorough research and knowledge of the sports you are betting on.

Here are some tips on how to boost your chances of success:

  • Focus on one sport and stay properly up-to-date with all the news and goings on.
  • Use social media to stay informed about the latest news about your chosen sport.
  • Garner expert advice from more experienced punters using Reddit and other social media channels.
  • Ensure you know the 4-fold bet meaning properly and thoroughly understand how this type of wager works.
  • Remember that all your selections must be successful for your coupon to win!
  • Never bet more than you can afford to lose.
  • You should know how to read betting odds and how they work so that you can calculate the likely returns from successful bets and make good decisions about stake sizes.
  • Evaluate the odds to make wise choices about bet selections.

Can you find four fold bets in esports?

Many esports betting fans are starting to take advantage of the possibilities presented by 4-fold bets. This type of accumulator stake is especially ideal for wagering on the initial stages of esports tournaments. In esports, the early stages of a contest are typically controlled by favoured teams playing at low odds.

This means you can improve the returns by combining four in an accumulator. This means that the odds are multiplied together. However, it would help if you still bet wisely, as one selection failing will mean your whole coupon is lost. This is something to consider next time you plan a live esports bet.

What is a four fold bet in football?

A fourfold works very well in football betting and esports. Football accumulators have become almost a way of life to many punters, and the ‘acca’ has become especially popular among UK football fans. Every matchday, fans scan the best betting markets to see which names will grace their accumulator this week. If you are the kind of bettor who likes to give yourself the best possible chance of winning, this approach can bring good results. An accumulator featuring domestic league wins for teams like Manchester City, Liverpool, Celtic, or Rangers can be a great way to extract betting value from short odds.


It is especially useful for betting on team sports such as football or rugby league. It has become increasingly popular among esports enthusiasts in the last few years. It’s important to study your bets carefully, have extensive knowledge of the sports you’re betting on, and thoroughly assess the available odds. As you’ve already learned, you should bet on four different selections.

All these selections must be successful in the bet because even if just one of the four selections you picked loses, then your stake goes. Your bet is a loser. This type of multiple bet combines the odds to give you massive odds and, therefore, massive potential returns. Think of it like this. The potential winnings from the first selection get placed on the second leg, and so on.


What is a four fold bet with 6 teams?

That means you have divided the 6 teams into 15 (fifteen!) different combinations of four teams.

On which sports can I place four fold 3 bet? 

This is a popular horse racing bet, but it can be applied to other sports, such as football.

How does 5 fold bettig work?

5 fold betting is known for its bigger odds because you have five selections on 5 events, and to get your money back with profit, all 5 events should be won.

What are the best bookies to place a 4-fold?

The best bookmaker depends on who offers the best odds on your bets on the day. That being said, and all other things remaining equal, it is good to note that at GoldenBet, they give you every 4th ticket as a gift. Alternatively, at Rolletto, there are better odds, and at ChipStars, you get a 50% cashback.

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