How To Bet On Golf: The Ultimate Betting Guide

How To Bet On Golf

Welcome to the ultimate guide to betting on golf. Golf is unique as a sport and its many tournaments have risen in popularity significantly over the last decade, making it one of the most popular sports to bet on at sportsbooks!

With this guide to golf betting, you will learn how to bet on golf, the basics of golf betting, how to place your first bet, a range of betting markets, golf betting tips, the different types of bets and the best golf betting sites!

These Are The Golf Tournaments You Should Bet On Golf Betting Sites

Because almost 52 weeks of the year are dedicated to golf events, big or small, it’s a sport you can rely on to bet whenever you feel like it. In this golf betting guide, we aim to give you all the knowledge about golf betting, so how can we not let you know about which events to bet on? These events are the biggest and best ones to bet on:

The Masters

First up of the year is the Masters, one of the four major tours. Of the four, it’s the only one that takes place at Augusta National Golf Club in Georgia, US every time. Despite being the first major, it doesn’t officially mark the beginning of the golf season, but for many, it does, and it is also considered the most respectable.

US Open

The only big tournament in the US that is accessible to both amateur and professional golfers is the US Open. Playing on some of the toughest golf courses, qualifying usually requires a variety of skill levels throughout the months preceding the tournament. The course and circumstances may be harsh, making for extremely low scoring, making this a difficult tournament to predict and betting on who will win.

PGA Tour

With the finest players in the world competing here, it would be silly to not bet on golf online at this event. The PGA Tour is the best event in the United States. The greatest players are drawn to the weekly tournaments because of the upgraded events that have lately been added, increasing prize pools. All of the best golf betting sites offer great odds to win, a huge range of betting options and live streaming. Live golf betting is available for the PGA at the top golf wagering sites. The following tournaments are also worth betting on:

  • Phoenix Open
  • Genesis Invitational
  • Arnold Palmer Invitational
  • The Players Championship
  • WGC Matchplay
  • RBC Heritage
  • Wells Fargo Championship
  • The Memorial Tournament
  • Travelers Championship
  • St Jude Classic
  • BMW Championship
  • Tour Championship

PGA Championship

The PGA Championship should not to be confused with the PGA Tour. PGA teaching professionals who have the opportunity to qualify make up a portion of the field in this major, which makes it unique. The courses are held in the US and are just as challenging as the US Open. 

DP World Tour

After being renamed the European Tour, it became the DP World Tour. Their events take place most weeks of the year, just as the PGA. Many of the top players continue to attend these, which are staged all around the world. The following events are part of their main series, called the Rolex Series:

  • Abu Dhabi Golf Championship
  • Dubai Desert Classic
  • Genesis Scottish Open
  • DP World Tour Championship

The Golf Open

The Open, which is held in the United Kingdom and Ireland, is sometimes mistakenly called the British Open. Professional and amateur players who meet the qualifying requirements before the tournament begins can participate, much like in the US Open. Of the four majors, this one is the oldest, having been contested at Prestwick Golf Club in Ayrshire, Scotland, in 1860.

How to Bet on Golf – Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Choose the operator you will place your bet at
  2. Create an account using the sign-up form
  3. Once you have set your account up, make your first deposit and claim your welcome betting bonus.
  4. To access “Golf,” use the menu. You can choose from the best golf tournaments, i.e. the PGA tour, that the sportsbook is offering and view the different kinds of bets that are available here.
  5. Put picks on your bet slip, indicate the stake amount, confirm the bet, and send it in.

Live Golf Betting: How To Place A Bet

Professional golf matches can last up to five hours, which makes them perfect for placing live wagers. We’ll look at live betting on golf in this section, including a brief explanation of how it operates and some things to watch out for.

  1. Open an account – Once your account is active, you must deposit money into it.
  2. Select the tournament you want to bet on – To find the tournament you wish to bet on, use the menu area of your sportsbook. Usually, major tournaments are always available to bet on and are actually one of the best choices for golf bettors to try their luck at.
  3. Select the market you wish to bet on – There are many different live golf betting markets and ways to bet on golf for major tournaments, but the most common ones include prop bets, head-to-head matchups, each-way bets, the outright winner, and leaders at the end of the round.
  4. Add your selected markets to the bet slip – After determining your wager, choose the odds to include on your bet slip. With live wagering, markets may change fast, which can obviously change the odds too. Should the odds fluctuate, the wager will remain in the slip; however, you will have to decide whether to accept or reject the updated odds. 
  5. Confirm your choice and place your bets – Place your bet after making sure your selection and your choice of golf odds are the right ones for you. The majority of golf wagering bookies allow you to follow live wagers through your account or, on occasion, the bet slip. 

Best In-Play Betting Sites

Advantages and Disadvantages of Golf Betting

Betting on golf has advantages and disadvantages like any other sport when it comes to sports betting. The following points are the top reasons to try your hand at betting on a player or given tournament if you haven’t already, along with some of the sport’s disadvantages so that you enhance your betting experience overall.


  • There is a lot of potential to profit a lot when there are high odds on the outright winner odds and market.
  • Golf is a year-round sport, so bettors have all year long to bet when it comes to golf betting.
  • There are so many betting markets beyond just betting on the winner of the tournament.
  • A better golf betting strategy can be created for each bettor due to the large number of tips on golf betting and golf betting strategies online, which makes it easier to bet on a player to win the tournament.
  • Longer odds make it simple to cash out or use hedging strategies to lock in significant gains.


  • Although statistics and information are abundant about every tournament, it’s also difficult to always pick the winner.
  • Days may pass before a bet settles.
  • Betting becomes unpredictable because of how drastically players’ forms might change from week to week.

Types of Golf Bets

One of the best things about golf betting is that there are a lot of markets and bet types to pick from, including golf betting odds in the hope of winning a tournament. The best gold betting sites should all offer these types of golf bets:

Futures Betting

Golf futures are a type of bet based on the possibility of an event happening at a later stage. This might be weeks or months ahead of schedule for majors, or it could be for the tournament the following week. Additional markets may comprise the FedEx or Ryder Cup winners, or even the top money winners in the men’s and women’s circuits, respectively.

Round Leaders

Before each round begins, the best golf betting sites will establish a market for the player who will lead the tournament at the end of the round. It is sufficient for the player to lead the event at the end of each round; they do not have to win it altogether. The popularity of this bet peaks after the first two rounds, when the field begins to narrow during the weekend, making it simpler to predict the results of rounds three and four. 

Round Totals

If you wish to bet on golf tournaments using this market, it simply means a player’s score is determined by the total number of shots in the round. There will be two or three possibilities in the markets for this wager. A line that selects the over or under will be the 2-way bet; for instance, the round’s score may be set at 71.5 strokes. Brackets will be part of the 3-way market. This might be a stroke count of above 72, including 70-72, and under 70.

Golf Parlay Bets

Parlay bets involve betting in such a way by combining many selections to make a single bet on the outcome. It’s a very common golf betting type and allows you to bet more easily, especially if you’re not a novice bettor. To make one wager, you may, for instance, bet on the PGA Tour, DP World Tour, and LPGA Tour for the coming week.

Because the odds on the outright winner market are so high and identifying numerous winners across several tournaments is so difficult, this market is not as popular in golf as it is in other sports.

Parlay betting makes betting on golf much easier to use and more exciting, though, for markets like head-to-head and matchup bets, where each game is simply broken down into two or three probable outcomes, which are then combined into a parlay.

Nationalities Bets

Golf is a multi-national sport, with players from all over the world taking part in every tour. You may choose the player with the highest ranking for the event depending on their country using this market. However, this drastically shrinks the field of tournament winners you can choose from, which decreases the likelihood of winning a golf tournament bet but increases the difficulty of winning.

Golf Prop Bets

When it comes to golf betting, prop bets cover the rest of the bets. Prop bets include end-of-round leader, 18-hole matchups, player round score multi-way, if there will be a hole-in-one or not, over/under on the winning score and tournament won via a playoff.


In golf betting, matchups are relatively new and a common way to bet, but they provide a lot of action that is quite different from selecting the clear winner. The top golf betting sites will match up two, three, or even four golfers in this manner. The person you select to win the contest is the one who has the lowest group score.

This is one of the most accommodating golf betting markets since the sportsbook has the option to adjust both the participant count and the number of rounds. They could, for instance, feature contests that last the entire tournament or only one round. Once more, using parlay betting on sites for golf betting is quite advantageous in this market.

The Best Golf Betting Tips & Strategies

Golf betting requires a solid plan to be successful, just like betting on other sports. You can use the following techniques to increase your betting profits.

Strokes Gained

Don’t only consider the past; make use of the info to your benefit. On a tournament-per-tournament basis, Strokes Gained provides a far more comprehensive picture of player form and potential. When you look at how to bet and look at good techniques to use in PGA betting, “strokes gained” is one of the strongest statistics when it comes to golf betting. It’s simply betting by determining a player’s performance, but you need to understand how it functions.

Golfers use strokes gained, a statistical term, to assess how well they are performing concerning the field. Comparing a player’s performance on particular shots or game mechanics to the field’s average performance sheds light on their strengths and shortcomings.

The notion behind strokes gained is that not every shot is created equal in terms of difficulty and possible score outcomes. The influence of every shot on a player’s score is measured by strokes gained, which compares a golfer’s performance to the field average. 

Our goal is to use strokes gained statistics to guide prospective punters. A golfer is probably performing well and will make a smart choice, for instance, if they have a positive stroke gained number over the field in the previous ten tournaments. But when you dissect the data into the specific elements of the game, the data gets much better and then you can safely bet on a golfer. The most prevalent ones are Off the Tee (OTT), Approach Play (APP), Around the Green (ARG), Putting (P), Teen to Green (T2G), Ball Striking (BS) and Total (TOT). 

 A Player’s Current Form

When you’re looking to bet on the player of your choice, looking into the statistics of their current form is extremely important to be able to ensure that your bet will not be lost. Form is something you must consider, but you must apply it appropriately.

We recommend that you correlate a player’s current performance with Strokes Gained. This way, you may identify areas in which the player has struggled and determine whether they can strengthen those areas to get better results. Most golfers find that one aspect of their game, rather than their entire game, is lacking.

The Form Of The Golf Course

Certain golfers do better on some courses than others. Players frequently state that a course “doesn’t suit them,” and there are several possible explanations for this. On the other hand, certain courses are a player’s favourite due to factors like length, green speed, kind of grass, layout, proximity to home, and even amenities like the surrounding community and hospitality. To observe how players do, check out the past performance at courses (not competitions!). 

“Shop Around” for the Best Odds

Compared to most other sports, golf has significantly longer odds. Because there may be a significant variation in odds that might significantly affect your profit margin, you must “shop around” for the best tournament odds.


What Is The Best Way To Bet On Golf?

A well-thought-out plan must be in place. Choose players to bet on who are in shape and fit for the course you will be betting on. You may identify players who are strong in regions that are appropriate for the course by using the strokes gained statistics.

Which Common Golf Betting Markets And Bet Types Are Best To Use?

There are several betting markets available for golf. The most popular is the outright winner bet type, which places a bet on the player you believe will win the whole tournament. If the player wins, you will be compensated with your bet at the best-offered odds.

Does It Pay Off To Bet On Golf Online?

One of the most lucrative sports to wager on is golf. This is because tiny bets can yield enormous profits in markets like the one with enormous odds, like the outright winner.

Are Each-Way Bets In Golf Worth Using?

When you think a team may perform well but aren’t quite sure they will win, each-way betting can be profitable. Because target players have greater odds, place bettors will still earn a profit.

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