Ladbrokes The Grid Card: What is Ladbrokes Grid Cards & How it works

Ladbrokes The Grid Card

Have you ever wished to have a tool that can significantly boost your betting experience? With Ladbrokes Grid Card, everything is possible. This tool is an essential part of every punter’s arsenal and should be in yours, too. 

Imagine a world where betting meets technology, and you have the perfect union in the palm of your hands. With this complete guide, you’ll learn how to claim the card and how to use it. You’ll also get a full list of the benefits of using the card.

What is the Ladbrokes Grid Card?

The Ladbrokes Grid Card is a loyalty card that allows you to collect points and access unique betting features. Having this card is like having this special card that’s all about rewards. Basically, every time you make a bet online from your Ladbrokes online account, on your phone, or even at the local Ladbrokes shop, you earn points and amazing rewards.

But if you thought that this is all the Ladbrokes Grid has to offer, you’re in for a surprise. You can get discounts at places like pubs, restaurants, movies, racetracks in the UK, and even online stores. Plus, you can enter these super exclusive contests to win awesome things like vacations and gadgets. How cool is that? It’s like a big thank-you for being part of the crew.

How Does Ladbrokes Grid Card Work?

Ladbrokes the Grid is designed just for you. It is designed for maximum excitement. 

Once you’ve signed up for and received your Grid Card, it’ll be connected to your online Ladbrokes account. That means when you step into any Ladbrokes betting shop, just bring your card along and give it a swipe whenever you’re placing a bet. Easy peasy, right? By doing this, you’re racking up those rewards with each bet you make.

How to Get a Ladbrokes Grid Card?

Want to get yourself a Ladbrokes The Grid card? No worries, it’s easy, and it should take you a lot of time!

You have two options you can claim your card in a physical Ladbrokes shop, or if you’re all about digital life, you can do it with your online account.

The easiest way to do it is online, and here’s what you should do:

Step 1: Head over to the Ladbrokes website or use their mobile app and log in. And if you’re new to the Ladbrokes crew, don’t forget to grab that free bet sign-up offer.

Step 2: Now, swipe to the left until you spot the black icon menu. Keep going until you see The Grid icon hanging out on the far right side. On a computer, you’ll find The Grid link up top, right next to the Promotions tab.

Step 3: Click on The Grid tab, and there it is, a big green button that says “Activate Card.” Give it a click.

Step 4: They’ll ask you to whip up a Grid card so you can unlock all the awesome Grid features. Hit that green “Generate” button.

Step 5: Time to set up a four-digit PIN code. Pick one you’ll remember, and make sure you type it in twice. Then, hit submit. Done and done!

Step 6: Now you’re rocking a virtual Ladbrokes The Grid card. You’ll be given a unique 12-digit Ladbrokes card number. Go on, use the card with your Ladbrokes account online or bet in a Ladbrokes shop.

That’s it! It’s that easy to get the Ladbrokes Grid card. You’re all set up and ready to roll with The Grid.

Ladbrokes Grid Card App

No need to hassle with downloading another Grid app just to use the card for online betting. Everything you need is right there in the regular Ladbrokes app for iPhone and iOS.

Once you’re in and logged into the Ladbrokes app, just swipe that banner icon menu till you reach the very end. There, you’ll spot a link straight to The Grid. When you click on the ‘Join Now’ button, you’ll be presented with your unique 12-digit Ladbrokes Grid Card Number.

We find this setup pretty convenient, and honestly, it’s a whole lot tidier compared to similar stuff you might find from other places. Along with your virtual Grid Card, you’ll receive a physical card in the post, which should arrive at your registered address within a few days.

Ladbrokes Grid Card Rewards

Ladbrokes Grid Card treats are always on the rise, so our suggestion is to keep an eye on the Ladbrokes website for the latest and greatest offers. But here’s a peek at some of the cool stuff you might find:

  • Get a whopping 35% off on a Now TV day pass.
  • Score big with a Now TV Sky Sports pass – grab 7 days for the price of just 1.
  • When it comes to Kitbag, enjoy a nice 10% discount.
  • Craving some pizza? Papa John’s has your back with a 2-for-1 deal on pizzas.
  • Head to Yates Pub and take advantage of a fantastic 50% off.
  • Looking for some experiences? Treatme’s got you covered with a sweet 20% off.
  • Show your football love with 20% off on all football shirts at Toffs.
  • Fancy a day at the races? Racing UK is giving away free day passes.
  • Racing Post store? Enjoy a cool 30% off on every book.
  • If horse racing is your thing, ARC racecourses offer a great 2-for-1 ticket deal.
  • Movie night, anyone? You can grab a 50% discount on tickets at over 200 participating cinemas.
  • Pro tip: Don’t forget to hit that ‘Opt In’ button for marketing communications. This way, you won’t miss out on any of these awesome offers. 

Benefits of Using Ladbrokes the Grid Card

We often ponder the relevance of loyalty cards, don’t we? But with the Ladbrokes Grid Card, the benefits of the card are clear.

Exclusive offers – Free Bets

Get your hands on special promotions. A major highlight of The Grid is the awesome perks and special deals that come your way once you’re all signed up, and your card is up and running.

You get to enjoy cool stuff like free bets, sweet money-back offers, and other exciting betting promotions. Plus, there is this neat opportunity to gather loyalty points by placing certain bets.

Bet Tracker

With ‘Ladbrokes Track your Bets,’ you’ve got the power to keep tabs on your accas and lotto bets. Not just that, you can even cash out those shop slips using the super convenient cash-out feature, all from wherever you happen to be. Pretty neat, right?

Deposit and Withdrawing With Ease

Handling your money from your online betting account just got a whole lot simpler. Now, you’ve got this awesome choice to tap into your online bankroll right at any Ladbrokes shop. And guess what? If you win on an online bet, you can even stroll into your nearby Ladbrokes shop and collect your winnings in cold, hard cash. How cool is that?

Auto Payout for Over-the-Counter Bets

When you’ve placed a bet at the counter, and it turns out to be a winner, you can opt for an auto payout right into your Grid account. Pretty neat, huh? But here’s the deal: for this to work, the bet needs to be getting settled while the Ladbrokes shops are closed. Oh, and the payout should be more than £49.99. This nifty feature means you don’t even have to head back to the shop to claim your winnings.

Acca Checker

Here’s a handy trick – you can use the Grid mobile app to see how your accumulators are doing. Just punch in the 12 or 14-digit code from the bet slip they handed you when you placed the bet. And that’s not all, if you feel like it, you can even do stuff like Cash Out right from the app.

Instant Access

Say goodbye to waiting in line and hello to instant access! With this virtual card, the betting world is right at your fingertips. No more waiting on queues – now you can enjoy betting without any hassle.

Why My Ladbrokes Grid Card Is Not Working?

While the card boasts many advantages, sometimes it might not be working. If you’re wondering why your Ladbrokes The Grid isn’t playing nice, there could be a bunch of reasons for that. Let’s break them down:

Possible Website Glitches: Sometimes, the main Ladbrokes website might be having downtime due to maintenance or unexpected issues. If you want the latest scoop on that, you can either contact the Ladbrokes support team or keep an eye on their social media, particularly Twitter. They usually spill the beans there about when the site will be back in action.

App Quirks: If you’re using the Ladbrokes app, it’s possible that there’s been an update you missed, and now the current version isn’t playing ball. Head over to the app store or play store to see if there are any available updates.

Internet Woes: Don’t underestimate the good old internet. Your connection might be acting up, or the Wi-Fi could be giving you some grief. You know the drill – sometimes turning the router off and on again does the trick.

Data Entry Slip-Up: Hey, it happens to the best of us. Maybe you’re not entering the data from your bet slip just right. Double-check those numbers! If it’s not working on the first try, don’t sweat it – erase everything and start fresh.

More Ladbrokes Offers and Promotions

Ladbrokes sign up offer – Bet £5 Get £20 in Free Bets

For those who are 18 years old or above and are new Ladbrokes customers from the UK and Ireland, Ladbrokes has something for you. With their generous welcome offer, you’re in for real fun. Ladbrokes gives you the opportunity to get £20 free bets when you bet £5. You can take advantage of this offer within 14 days of account reg at min odds 1/2 = 4 x £5 free bets. 

Once you’ve got that sign-up bonus in your account, you’ll be good to go for online action. You’ll have the funds to use online.

Here is what you should know about this offer:

  • Certain deposit methods, including Paypal and bet types, won’t qualify for this.
  • You need to place a minimum £5 bet within 14 days of creating your account. And this bet has to be at minimum odds of 1/2.
  • You’ll receive 4 separate £5 free bets.
  • Free bets valid for 7 days, but remember, the stake not returned.
  • This offer doesn’t make you eligible for the Ladbrokes Casino Welcome Offer.
  • You can’t cash out these free bets. Some restrictions and Terms & Conditions (T&Cs) apply, so be sure to check them out.


In the ocean of betting, the Ladbrokes Grid Card is the lighthouse guiding you towards an enhanced experience. Dive into this world, but remember, the tides of betting should be navigated wisely. So, gamble responebly and enjoy your experience with Ladbrokes to the fullest.


What is the Ladbrokes Grid Card?

It’s a loyalty card offering exclusive offers, tracking bets, and collecting points.

How can one get the Ladbrokes Grid card?

Sign up online or visit a Ladbrokes shop.

Is Ladbrokes The Grid safe to use?

Yes! The card prioritizes secure transactions.

Are there any drawbacks?

It’s essential to bet responsibly, considering the ease of betting with the card.

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