The 16 Best Sports Podcasts To Listen To

Best Sports Podcasts

Searching for the top sports podcast to tune into during a workout or a car ride? You’ve come to the right place.

It doesn’t come as a surprise to us that an estimated 100 million people listen to some form of podcasts at least once a month, and it’s expected that figure will only rise in the years to come. While watching sports is enjoyable, if you like to hear about player interviews, game analyses, sports documentaries, and other topics, our selection of the top sports podcasts is well worth checking out. 

You will surely become a better informed and more knowledgeable sports fan regardless of the podcast you choose from the ones listed below.

First of all, What Is a Sports Podcast?

A sports podcast discusses players, transfer gossip between teams, and all things sports-related, depending on the sport the podcast focuses on. It may contain conversations, game analysis, forecasts, celebrity and sports figure interviews, and sports news. 

So, Which Are The Best Sports Podcasts in 2024?

Depending on the sport you’re a fan of, our selection of the top sports podcasts is not ranked in any specific order. We’ve included podcasts on golf, football, tennis, boxing, the NFL, and other sports, among many other sports-related subjects, from the UK and the US.

We provide everything you need whether you’re searching for a new podcast in the world of sports to pass the time while doing housework, running, or on your commute, or you want to keep up with the latest news and sports stories out there.

Best Boxing Podcasts

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5 Live Boxing With Costello & Bunce

Iconic BBC radio boxing commentator Mike Costello is a legend, while UK boxing scene veteran Steve Bunce is an old professional. The duo is a great combination, and fans of British boxing will love their deep dive discussions in which the podcast covers all the latest news from the boxing world both domestically and internationally, which are laced with interviews with the top boxers in the business. 

Hotboxinโ€™ With Mike Tyson

It is hardly surprising that Mike Tyson’s podcast has achieved significant popularity given that he has remained one of the biggest names in the sport for the past thirty or more years. Thanks to his nickname, Iron Mike and his famous podcast covers in-depth analysis and interviews with some elite guests, including boxers, UFC fighters, and celebrities. Co-host actor Jeremy Piven keeps the conversation flowing, although the focus of the show is more on Mike than the guests. 

Best Tennis Podcasts

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The Tennis Podcast

With longtime “intern” Matt Roberts, BBC radio presenter David Law, Prime TV host Catherine Whitaker, and others, The Tennis Podcast offers a British slant on the game. With one notable exceptionโ€”The Tennis Program is produced on this side of the pondโ€”their show covers a wide range of the same content as the previously stated No Challenges Remaining.

No Challenges Remaining

This American podcast on professional tennis is hosted by Ben Rothenberg and Courtney Nguyen. Along with providing updates from the main event, the program follows the WTA and ATP tours and occasionally touches on more general tennis-related topics.

Best Football Podcasts

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That Peter Crouch Podcast

Former Premier League and Three Lions star Peter Crouch has shown himself to be an apt presenter for the podcast, which is a football podcast among the best podcasts in the UK. Similar to how he approached podcasting, Crouchy never seemed to take himself too seriously on the fieldโ€”as seen by the well-known robot dance. The show is kept on schedule by co-hosts DJ Chris Stark and journalist Tom Fordyce.

Football Daily

For those who wish to stay up to date with all the latest football news, this BBC podcast, which we think is one of the best sports podcasts of all time, has Mark Chapman as your host. You will know what to anticipate here if you are familiar with the BBC 5 Live presenting style: in-depth football news and opinions presented in a lighthearted and airy manner.

Best Cricket Podcasts

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Test Match Special

Fans of the sport throughout the world are familiar with Test Match Special, a BBC sports analysis podcast. Joined by top names in the world of journalism, athletes, and well-known names from the entertainment industry join regular broadcaster Jonathan “Aggers” Agnew. Notwithstanding its name, the program covers all aspects of the game and is the preferred podcast for fans of the legendary radio program. It doesn’t simply concentrate on test matches.


The tone of the Beeb’s second cricket podcast, Tailenders, differs greatly from that of its “big brother,” TMS. This free-form episode, hosted by former cricketer James Anderson, artist Felix White, and BBC DJ Greg James, starts with cricket and goes from there. As the devoted legions of “Tailenders” from all over the world would attest, this program has virtually become a cult for current events in the world of cricket.

Best Rugby Podcasts

The Rugby Pod

In this Spotify audio, Jim Hamilton and Andy Goode, two former rugby internationals, join host Andy Rowe. Although The Rugby Pod claims to be the most listened-to rugby podcast and most downloaded sports podcast globally, they undoubtedly draw esteemed guests for their weekly episodes. A free-flowing and laid-back program that meticulously covers the topics of the day is produced by the presenting team’s obvious ease in each other’s company.

The Good, The Bad & The Rugby

As you might expect from three witty rugger podcast hosts, Payno, Tinds, and Hask have ridiculous nicknames, but thankfully, this pod is much beyond chuntering lad-bantz. This podcast covers a wide range of topics, and features journalists Alex Payne, Mike Tindall, and James Haskin, who were former England internationals, are known as “Hask” and “Tinds.” With two former players lending their expertise to bear on the game’s major problems and giving their perspective on the sport, the boys strike the ideal mix between sarcasm and perceptive analysis.

Best NBA Podcasts

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The Bill Simmons Podcast

Bill Simmons, who began his career as “The Boston Sports Guy” on his website before joining ESPN and subsequently founding the sports/pop-culture website The Ringer, is somewhat of a legend in the US sports media and a part of the biggest names in the world and history of the sport. Simmons’ podcast, which is a spinoff of The Ringer, allows Bill unrestricted access to discuss US sports news in general, issues in basketball sports, with a focus on his favourite NBA team, featuring guest hosts.

Best NFL Podcasts

Inside the Huddle

With several changes throughout the years, the Inside the Huddle podcast has only been consistent in having Neil Reynolds, the NFL host for Sky Sports, as host. This podcast reached its peak during Reynolds’s collaboration with the sharpshooting Coach Jeff Reinebold, but in recent years, the podcast’s natural vibe has been somewhat compromised by its scheduling conflicts with the Sky Sports TV show throughout the season.

Around the NFL

After a time, an outstanding podcast starts to grow on you to the point where you consider the hosts to be more like friends than broadcasters. That’s undoubtedly the case with the best podcasting team in the NFL, as seen by the tremendous online condolences that followed the untimely death of important member Chris Wesselling from cancer. This is one of the most well-liked US sports pods in the UK, with Dan, Marc, and Gregg still contributing their usual wit and humor to their coverage of the NFL.

Best Formula 1 Podcasts

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The Race F1 Podcast

In this F1 episode, Edd Straw serves as your host as we examine tales related to the sport. Regular writers Scott Mitchell, Gary Anderson, and Mark Hughes shed light on some of the major problems facing Formula One today. This podcast is one of those that you always leave a bit smarter than when you started.

F1: Chequered Flag

When this podcast begins with Fleetwood Mac’s “The Chain,” which is recognisable to F1 fans of a certain age, you know that this is the ultimate destination for all things F1. Jolyon Palmer, a former Formula One driver, joins BBC F1 writers Jennie Gow and Jack Nicholls to discuss the most recent developments from the grid and sports world of Formula 1. A preview show, a qualifying rundown, and a post-race analysis are all included in every Grand Prix, giving viewers a thorough picture of the season’s progress. 

Best Golf Podcasts

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The Fried Egg Podcast

In golf, a “fried egg lay” occurs when your ball lands in a bunker with the center of the little crater still there from its landing. While weekly golf news is addressed, the focus of this American podcast is primarily on making deep dives into the world of golf and keeping up with the latest news in the sport. The pod offers a refreshing change of pace and some insightful discussions because of its focus on course construction as well as other macro topics related to the sport. 

The Rick Shiels Golf Show

In our opinion, this is one of the best sports podcasts of 2024. It is quite likely that Rick Shiels has been discovered by anybody who has searched YouTube for golf tips to improve their game. Shiels and Producer Guy host a podcast that covers all things golf-related, rather than focusing on how to get better at the game. Spending time with these two kind guys is a great way to unwind and listen to some sports talk.

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