The Ultimate Guide to Understanding a Treble Bet: Treble Bet Explained

Treble Bet

Have you ever been part of a sports conversation and heard the term “treble bet”? If it left you wondering, you’re not alone. 

The best part for you is that a treble bet is easy to understand and can be used on any event you like. You don’t need extra knowledge to place a treble bet. Think of a treble bet as a trio of single bets bundled together. Easy-peasy!

Let’s dive deep into the world of betting to unravel the mystery behind this betting strategy.

What is a Treble Bet?

A treble bet, at its core, is a simple concept in the betting world. If you’ve placed single bets before, you’re halfway there.

Picture this: you’re placing bets on three different sports events. Rather than treating them as three individual bets, you combine them into a single wager. This, my friend, is the essence of a treble bet. 

A treble bet means you’re betting on three single events together in one combined wager.

For your treble bet to triumph, all three of these three bets must be winners. If even just one selection fails, your entire bet goes down the drain.

The allure of a treble is its potential for amplified odds compared to singles or doubles. While this makes trebles an enticing bet type, it also hikes up the risk factor.

How Does Treble Bet Work? Betting Types Explained

A treble bet is a form of a multiple bet. It works by rolling over the winnings from each leg onto the next as the stake. The profit from the first selection acts as the stake for the second bet, and likewise, the earnings from the second are staked on the third, culminating in your potential payout.

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Horse Racing Treble Bet

Imagine you’ve placed a bet on three horses with odds of 5/1, 4/1, and 3/1. To determine the odds for such a treble bet, add one to each of the odds, then multiply them, and finally subtract one (accounting for your stake).

So, the calculation would look like this: 5/1 x 4/1 x 3/1 – 1 translates to (6 x 5 x 4) -1 = 119/1.

Keep in mind, if your odds have a second digit other than 1, like 8/2 or 11/3, add that number instead. Thus, 8/2 becomes 10/2, and 11/3 turns to 14/3.

Should all your picks come through, you’ll hit the jackpot. Here’s a breakdown of what you’d win from a £5 wager:

Potential profit from a successful win treble bet: (£5 stake x 5/1 x 4/1 x 3/1) – 1 = £595 profit + £5 stake.

Football Treble Bets

Many punters like to bet in groups of three, called treble bets, because they can win more money. A lot of these bets are on football games because many people watch and know about football.

In treble bets, you can guess things like if the score will be high or low, which team will win, which teams to score, if it will be a tie or even the exact score of the game.

Let’s break it down using a football betting example. Imagine you’re placing a treble bet on these football teams to win with these odds:

Match 1: Liverpool to beat Tottenham at 4/7
Match 2: Arsenal to beat Man City at 6/5
Match 3: Leicester to beat West Ham at treble bet odds 2/5

To figure out the odds for your treble, you multiply all the individual odds together. The first bet (Liverpool vs. Tottenham), 4/7 multiplied by 6/5 and then by 2/5, gives us a combined odds of 24/35. Adding that third bet boosts the potential return, making the treble odds higher than if you’d placed a single bet or a double bet. 

For your bet to win, all three matches must go your way. If they do, then a £10 bet would see a total return of £68.80 with a profit of £58.80. If even one of your three picks is off, the treble fails, and you’re down your £10.

Treble Bet With 4 Selection

With a treble bet with four selections, you make a four selection bet; you’re betting on four different events on one betting slip. But, to win some money, only three of these four events have to go your way.

So, if you make a treble bet with four choices, only three teams out of those four need to win for you to get a payout.


Let’s say there’s a Champions League game day. You decide to make predictions on four matches: Arsenal to win against Lens, a game between Real Madrid and Napoli to have more than 2.5 goals, Bayern Munich to win, and a draw between Man United and Galatasaray.

But what if you’re not so sure about Man United and Galatasaray ending in a draw?

With a treble bet, you can choose to only bet on three of these four events.

The good news is if you get one of your selections is wrong, you can still win some money. But if you get all four right, you can win a lot!


  • Better chances of winning.
  • Safer than a regular bet with four matches.


  • The potential winnings (odds) might be a bit lower than a regular treble bet.

Treble Bet With 8 Selections

8 Selections treble bet is a type of bet where you can also pick three out of eight events on one bet slip. This means you’re making predictions on eight events at once.

Predicting all eight events correctly can be tough. That’s where the treble bet comes in handy. It boosts your chances of getting some money back.

Even if you get five out of the eight events wrong, you can still win. This is as long as three or more of your picks are right.


Imagine you bet a small amount trying to guess the outcome of 8 matches. If 6 of the matches you chose go your way, you’ll get some money back. But if less than three of your picks are correct, then you lose your bet.


  • Better odds of winning because only three out of eight picks need to be correct.


  • The amount you win might not be as big as other types of bets.

Each-Way Treble Bet Explained

An Each-way bet is used for sports where both the winner and other top positions in an event are paid out. Football doesn’t use this kind of bet, but it’s common in horse racing betting markets.


You make a treble bet for one horse to win. At the same time, you place another bet for that horse to finish in the top spots (like first, second, or third), depending on how many horses are racing.

Because you’re making two bets, you double the money you put down.

For instance, if you put down £10 on three horses with odds of 5/1, 6/1, and 3/1, your winning odds come out to 119/1. For the part of your bet where you’re predicting the horse to land in a top spot, the odds are usually a quarter of the win odds.

If your predictions come true, from a simple £10 bet, you could take home £1,200.

Sounds great, right?


  • You can win big.
  • The odds are better since you’re doubling your bet.


  • You could lose more easily.

Accumulator Treble Bet

This betting style lets you choose multiple events but combines them into one single bet.

The potential rewards are much bigger than regular bets, but it’s also riskier.


Imagine you bet on three different events, all on one bet slip. For you to win, all three of your choices have to be correct.

If even one of them is wrong, you lose your bet.


  • Higher odds, especially when you pick strong teams or players.
  • The chance to win big from a small stake.


  • There’s a higher chance of losing since all your choices have to be right.

Why Would You Choose a Treble Bet?

Why would someone choose a treble bet over separate bets? Simple. With treble bets, the odds multiply, resulting in a higher potential payout. 

Think of it as the snowball effect; the potential return keeps accumulating!

Advantages and Disadvantages of a Treble Bet

Betting, like all investments, comes with its pros and cons. So, what are the upsides and pitfalls of a treble bet?

Advantages of Treble Bet

Higher Payouts

Combining three selections can offer higher potential returns than betting on each selection individually. The odds multiply, which can result in a much larger payout if all three selections win.

Increased Excitement

For those who enjoy the thrill of betting, having three selections in a single bet can heighten the anticipation and excitement.

Efficient Bankroll Management

Instead of placing three separate bets, you’re essentially grouping them into one. This can be an efficient way to manage and monitor your bankroll.


You can combine selections from different sports or events, giving you the freedom to capitalize on your knowledge across various disciplines.

Less Total Outlay

Since it’s one bet, you are only placing your stake once as opposed to three times for three separate single bets.

Potential for Bonuses

Some bookmakers offer bonuses for accumulator bets, including trebles, if all selections win.

Disadvantages of Treble Bet

Increased Risk

Since all three selections must win for you to get a return, the risk is higher. All three of your selections must be successful for you to win the bet. Even if one of the selections fails, your bet loses.

Compounded Odds 

While the potential payout is higher, the combined odds mean that the probability of a winning bet is lower than for a single bet.

Limited Cash Out Opportunities

With treble bets, cashing out before all events are decided can be less lucrative or might not be offered at all by some bookmakers.

Difficulty in Predicting

Predicting the outcome of one event is hard enough, but doing so for three events compounds the difficulty.

Emotional Roller Coaster

The highs and lows can be intense, especially if the first two selections win and the last one loses, leading to potential disappointment.

Potential for Poor Value

Bettors might sometimes include a “safe bet” to bulk up the treble, which can dilute the value. It’s essential to ensure that every selection in the treble offers good value.

How to Place a Treble Bet

Ready to venture into treble betting? Let guide you through the process. Here is the step-by-step guide you should follow to place treble bet.

Step-by-step Guide

  1. Choose Three Events: This is your starting point.
  2. Decide on Your Stake: Determine how much you’re willing to bet.
  3. Place Your Bet: Using a safe betting site, combine your events and place your treble bet.
  4. Wait and Watch: With bated breath, of course!

Tips for Successful Treble Betting

Do Your Homework

Research is paramount. Understand each event and weigh the risks.

Stay Updated

Keep an eye on player forms, injuries, and other influencing factors.

Manage Your Bankroll

Ensure you don’t place all your money on a single treble bet. Diversify!


The world of treble betting is intriguing, offering higher rewards but demanding expertise and strategy. With the right approach, you can make the most of this betting method. Remember, it’s not just about luck; it’s about skill, strategy, and sometimes, a bit of magic!


What sports can I place a treble bet on?

Almost any! From football to tennis, most sports with betting platforms support treble bets.

How are the returns on a treble bet calculated?

The odds of the three events multiply, offering higher potential returns.

Can I combine different sports in a treble bet?

Yes! You can mix and match as long as the betting platform supports it.

Is treble betting popular among professional bettors?

Yes, many professionals use it as part of their betting strategy due to the high returns.

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