Ultimate MMA Betting Guide: How to Bet On UFC Fights Online

How to bet on UFC

The Ultimate Fighting Championship, better known as UFC, was founded in 1993 and since the sport’s first main event, it has become a phenomenal sport that draws millions of views and bets on UFC fighters each year from all around the world. 

With the help of our ultimate UFC betting guide, you can learn how to bet on mixed martial arts and gain even more knowledge about some of the top UFC sports betting techniques that have been used by bettors for many years. You’ll learn about the different types of UFC bets, UFC betting markets, live betting options, UFC betting sites and UFC betting strategies among other things. Sit back and enjoy brushing up on your UFC betting skills, so that next time, you’ll be able to place a winning bet on fight night!

How UFC Betting Works

Therefore, if you’ve never gambled on the UFC before, you probably would appreciate a more thorough explanation of online sports betting on the UFC. First off, there are only three possible outcomes in a UFC fight: fighter one wins, fighter two wins, or it ends in a draw. Of those three possible outcomes, the most probable will have the lowest odds, and the least likely will have the greatest odds.

The reward increases with the odds. In addition, odds on many other markets on certain features of a fight, such as the method of victory bets, are similarly determined by the likelihood of each possible outcome.  We’ve included a few examples to help you better understand how to bet on UFC bouts. 

For instance, Khabib Nurmagomedov is favoured against Conor McGregor, according to one of the best UFC betting services. This is evident from the fact that Nurmagomedov is listed at +105, while McGregor is set at -125 on the moneyline. From a £10 wager, McGregor’s winnings will pay out £2.50 more than Nurmagomedov’s. Another good example is that you may place a bet on Marcin Tybura to win hands-down over Tom Aspinall, and another on the “Fight to go the distance” market. You would need Marcin Tybura to win by decision to win both bets.

How To Place A Bet On UFC Fights

With the help of our UFC betting guide, you can quickly become an expert at placing bets on the biggest fights. Even novice bettors won’t have any trouble locating their optimal market because betting on the UFC is so simple and the top UFC betting sites are so user-friendly. How to bet on UFC bouts online is made simple with our 5-step guide.

  1. Create an account and make your first deposit: Select and finish the signup process with a reputable UFC betting site, like Rolletto or FreshBet. Please be sure to enter any coupon codes you may have, as you are eligible for a lot of betting sign up offers and bonuses. Make your initial deposit next by funding your betting account by selecting a payment method and following the instructions.
  2. Choose your betting market: Find the UFC online fight you want to bet on by going to the sports section. Many markets are available that allow you to bet on them, such as method of victory, moneyline bets, round betting, prop betting and others. Choose which market you want to bet on and add it to your bet slip. 
  3. Complete your bet: You may view the potential win of your bet by entering the amount you desire to stake. Click the “Place Bet” button to finish the bet. Although some bookies offer parlay bets, in most cases you will need to bet on individual bets. If you want to place parlay bets when you bet on UFC online, check beforehand if your sports betting site offers it. 
  4. Enjoy the fight: Next, simply watch the fight to see if your bets will be winners. Additionally, you can place live UFC bets during the bout.
  5. Withdraw any wins – If you used bonuses while wagering on MMA, be sure you’ve satisfied any play-through conditions. Proceed and finish the procedure to make sure your account has been validated. To finish the transaction, proceed to the cashier, choose “withdrawal,” and follow the instructions.

Live Bets On The UFC & MMA

Live betting on MMA, including UFC bouts, is common. The odds change in real time as the fight progresses to reflect how it is going. Many of the same markets you would see during pre-fight and accessible for live betting. This covers round betting, moneyline, knockout method, and a few other prop markets. 

In addition to being the most thrilling method of placing UFC bets, in-play, or live betting, has several benefits over pre-fight betting. Algorithms and live traders set the live odds; yet, they frequently overlook external factors. The oddsmakers sometimes overlook technical details that are only visible to seasoned MMA bettors in favour of focusing on what is happening in the moment during a fight

Types of MMA Events

Whether you’re going to be betting on UFC fight night, Bellator or the Legacy Fighting Alliance, a vast array of betting choices is available, in addition to MMA promotions that showcase your preferred fighters and an incredible pool of talent. These are the main UFC events to consider when betting on UFC fights:

Bellator: Althought UFC is one of the most popular sports, Bellator is its’ rival. Bellator is also a PPV event in a promotional company that is comparable to UFC. The matches are held in a circular ring instead of the renowned UFC Octagon, but they follow identical rules.

Legacy Fighting Alliance: Known for hosting over 160 significant fight events, this Houston-based promotions company has showcased well-known UFC competitors like Holly Holm.

UFC:  In North America and across the world, the highest point of mixed martial arts major events are the UFC pay-per-views (PPV). These shows typically showcase the top fighters in the company and include at least one championship match.

UFC Fight Night: UFC Fight Night has fights virtually every week between competitors in the lower weight classes, who are often a little less experienced and polished than the showy grapplers of the major pay-per-view events.

Types of UFC Bets

Understanding the various kinds of bets that are available to you is essential if you want to be an expert UFC fight bettor. The most widely used and different UFC betting options offered by UK sportsbooks are described below. Whether the fight is a high-profile one, or not so much, betting on UFC events using any of these types of bets is sure to be exciting!

✔️ Spreads

Spread betting is a way to bet on if the fight will end up ging to a decision, so you can bet on a fight on point spreads depending on the judge’s point distribution. 

✔️ Totals

If you decide to bet on MMA using this type of bet, you may bet on how many rounds a fight will last will be in addition to which round the fight will end at. I.e, winning a bet on “over 2.5 rounds” would require the fight to reach the third round. How long the fight will last depends on many factors which you can check in advance, such as previous statistics. 

✔️ Parlays

When many single picks are combined into one bet with multiplied MMA odds, it’s called a parlay. For the wager to be considered successful, each option must win, so even if one of your bets loses, it won’t be successful. MMA fighting can be quite unpredictable and results are prone to change in seconds, even with the most popular UFC fighters, so parlay betting is best for more-experienced bettors.

✔️ Method of Victory

This is one of the most popular bet types for MMA on UFC sportsbooks. This bet allows you to predict how a fight will end. For instance, in the UFC, your options are submission, decision, or KO/TKO/DQ. By putting a multi-way method of victory bet and selecting which fighter will win and/or which round the victory will take place, you may increase your chances of winning.

✔️ Prop bets

If you want to bet on UFC matches using an untraditional sort of bet, prop bets are bets on particular fight results unrelated to how a fight goes or the end result. A prop bet might be “Points to be deducted during the battle,” for instance, as the outcome of the fight is unimportant.

✔️ Futures

Placing a bet that resembles a moneyline well in advance of a fight is known as a UFC futures bet. While there is a good chance that fighters may sustain injuries or have a poor training camp, it’s one of the more dangerous and riskier ways to bet on the UFC online, as you can lose your money easily. 

✔️ Round betting

This is one of the most simple ways to bet on UFC matches. With round betting, you bet on whether you think the fight will end in a specific round, and how the fight ends is irrelevant. Regardless of whether the fight goes to a knockout, decision, disqualification (DQ), or submission, all you have to do is choose the right round.

✔️ Moneyline

The traditional moneyline wager consists of betting on which fighter will be the winner. A deadlocked match would result in a stake push because this market is often offered as a 2-way pick by bookmakers. If there isn’t a winner, you will receive your money back. This is the bet to select when betting on straight-up winners.

UFC / MMA Betting Strategies

Being able to place UFC bets is one thing, but being able to use MMA betting techniques properly is especially important. When placing a bet on mixed martial arts (MMA), there are a number of factors to consider when betting, especially for the first time:

  • Keep an eye out at the weigh-in for signs of weakness or illness: The fighter’s off-season weight and the weight at which they typically fight should be the most crucial things to look for. While several boxers appear to lose all of their punching strength when they reduce their weight, others can do so with ease.
  • Look at the signs: Those who bet live will see any major signs and warnings more quickly than the bookie can adjust the UFC betting odds. A fight may appear level after the second round, but experienced bettors can see that the underdog is revealing a vulnerability in the favourite that might be exploited in the decider while the underdog is still heavily favoured.
  • Take note of the octagon size: The UFC uses two different types of cages. According to data, the smaller cage has experienced a 12% higher completion rate than the normal bigger UFC Octagon. It’s something to take into account if you want to wager on UFC Fight Night events, which usually take place in the smaller cage. 
  • Pay attention to how the training camps go: Understanding a fighter’s training camp might provide you with important information about an upcoming fight. Keep an eye out to observe if a fighter who is moving up in weight class seems not as well prepared as he should be. A lot of factors from the training camp can catch your eye, and these factors are usually very important as they can forecast performance in the future.

UFC Betting Tips

To help you succeed, we have the best UFC betting tips to make smarter UFC choices, thanks to our expert boxing & UFC team! Whichever UFC fight you decide to wager on at any UFC betting site, the following advice holds value whether you’re betting on big-profile fights or lesser ones.

  • Parlay your bets: A wonderful approach to increase your profit margin is to do so when there are strong favourites in a fight. To make a single, sizable bet with better odds, you can combine several into one. The majority of the top online sportsbooks provide parlay betting, which is an excellent way to place bets. 
  • Keep up with MMA news: Owing to the widespread media coverage of MMA, you can constantly learn about any developments about impending bouts that might influence your UFC bets. 
  • Don’t place bets based on a fighter’s past records: Though it’s not the only factor, a fighter’s winning record is a useful indicator. This disregards the training camp environment, the opponent, and the location.
  • For the greatest odds, place your bets on live UFC events: There are several benefits to betting live as opposed to before the fight. You’ll frequently find far better in-play odds for the identical markets you would have covered before the fight since the best UFC betting sites handle live UFC odds differently.
  • Keep in mind that surprising situations are often in the UFC, so always bet what you can afford to lose (not always on the favourite): That is a regular occurrence. Avoid placing a big bet on a strong favourite who you think will win the fight in the hopes of gaining huge winnings. Put your money on your judgment rather than the chances.
  • Consider your strategies carefully: Think about things like fighting styles, age, reach, and posture. Consider how each MMA fighter plans to make the other take a defensive stance. 

Popular UFC FAQ’s

How is betting on the UFC done?

In addition to covering a bout’s winner, UK sportsbooks and online betting companies also provide a number of betting markets that focus on more particular fight outcomes, such which round the fight will conclude. All you have to do is select an result, put in your investment, and place your wager.

Can I use prop bets for UFC matches?

Sure, prop bets on the UFC are a good choice. Prop bets, as opposed to moneyline wagering, cover the fighters’ manner of winning, round-by-round results, and bout duration. Longer odds translate into higher possible winnings in prop bets involving the UFC.

What is the potential earnings while betting on MMA/UFC?

A lot of factors affect how much money you may make betting on mixed martial arts. In brief, the two most crucial elements are likely to be the caliber of the choices and the betting approach. 

Is it legal to bet on UFC fights?

Yes, it is completely legal to bet on UFC fights at licensed online sportsbooks. Like other sports, there are no restrictions on placing real money bets on UFC, as long as online sports betting is legal.

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