What Does A Settled Bet Mean? How Long Does It Take To Get Paid?

what a settled bet

Do you know the true meaning of a settled bet and why a bet may not settle, even after you’ve placed it? If you’re interested to find out more about how to resolve the issues that may arise when placing qualifying bets, keep on reading to find out more about settled bets.

When a bet is settled, it indicates that the sportsbook you used to place your wager has decided whether it will be a winning or a losing bet. This is most often seen in horse racing, football, You may collect your earnings if the sportsbook declares your wager to be a winner. However, you will lose both your deposit and the profit if the bookmaker settles it as a loser, so always make sure to check the terms and conditions regarding these types of bets to avoid any problems!

How Long Do Bets Take To Settle?

Certain bets take a while to settle, even when the result is known. When a football game ends, there are no concerns because the outcome is clear at that point, regardless of protests, and supporters of the winning team may get their money back right away.

However, a result isn’t official in horse racing, for instance, even after the runners and their jockeys cross the finish line. The jockeys’ weighing in procedure determines the official outcome in that sport, and only then—if there have been no issues—can bets be considered settled.

This is carried out because jockeys are required to weigh in prior to the race and have their weight, as well as the weight of the saddle cloth and other items, documented as accurate. To guarantee fair play, jockeys must also weigh in after the race in the event that something has detached and the horse has gained an unfair weight advantage.

So, bets are usually settled quickly following the end of an event. 

What Causes Certain Settled Bets to Payout Later?

Certain bets may take longer to pay off for a variety of reasons.

Usually, this happens when bookies are experiencing an increase in profit or during busy periods, such as Christmas or times when a big championship is happening. When several, i.e horse racing events, are happening at once, this is frequently the case since processing the winning bets cannot be completed until all outcomes and wager settlements have been carefully verified by stewards. It is more convenient for bookmakers to wait a few minutes to settle bets during these crowded and hectic times because the number of staff that deals with settled bets is often small.

Close photo finishes often make it difficult to determine the winner in sports like horse racing.  In order to determine the shortest space between contestants and proclaim the winner, stewards may now determine distances as tiny as one pixel thanks to technical developments. 

Expected foul play can also cause disturbance, as well as race or game delays for bets that have been settled may take longer to pay out. Foul play and game delays, however, often only have an impact on wagers that need a significant financial commitment to settle. In certain cases, reviewing the film footage is required to guarantee accurate outcomes. This is not possible until after a race, game, or event has ended, and it often affects live bets. 

A result in horse racing, Formula One, and several other sports could not be official for many minutes due to technical difficulties. The inquiries made by stewards yield the same result.

It’s possible for there to be some bet settlement delays on busy days. When a system is overloaded, as happens often on Saturdays when there are a lot of events, bets may not be recorded as settled for a few minutes or even up to half an hour, but finally any winning bets that are right will be paid out.

What’s The Reason For An Unsettled Bet That Takes Longer?

In the case that a punter has placed a bet that has not yet been settled and the outcomes of the events they have bet on have been made public, they should make an enquiry in the “My Bets” area of their betting account. Punters should verify that the event has finished, that the official result has been published and that the betting process is complete, otherwise it may take longer to be settled. 

Contacting your bookmaker should be your first priority in the result that the stake hasn’t been settled. It’s important that all bets are followed up. In order to find a solution, you should get in touch with the customer care staff using the number on the disputed bet slip if the bet has not been settled after 10 to 30 minutes have passed after the results were declared.

Can Bookmakers Change Official Results After A Bet Settlement That Has Already Been Paid Out?

Although result changed after a bet is placed or settled isn’t that common, it may happen sometimes. A horse being disqualified from a race or the finishing position changing after the result has been disclosed are two examples of situations where the outcome of the bet might change after an event. It’s rarely due to technical issues, so don’t worry.

When an event comes to an finish, bookies nearly always pay out.  The payout for the stake remains unchanged even if the outcome is subsequently changed for whatever cause.  You won’t have your winnings taken away if you staked on a horse that crossed the line first, and that horse is then declared ineligible to win, even if the result ends up changing in the end.  In contrast, you won’t be compensated if you bet on the horse that placed second and they end up winning instead of finishing second.

This is applicable to many sports, including football matches, formula one and boxing, although it is most frequently seen in horse racing.  For instance, betting sites will still pay you on the first outcome if you wager on a boxer to win a match and then discover that there were some anomalies and the result was changed.

Offers and Promotions Related To Settled Bets

When it comes to betting bonuses and similar situations, bet settlement is crucial since things may easily get confusing. Free bets, for example, need to be settled within 7 days, or you might discover that your qualifying bet won’t settle in time, it may take longer to payout or other technical issues may arrise.

But don’t panic, you will still be paid. In fact, big bookmakers will usually award you with free bets and/or bonuses as soon as your qualifying wager is placed. Your credits can be released and spent when the bet satisfies the minimum qualifying requirements. If you have any questions, be sure to always verify this with your bookie.

You need to pay attention to the time if your bookmaker has indicated if qualifying bets need to be resolved before free bets are issued. For instance, if you have three days remaining to collect your free bets, you can choose to bet on England to defeat Australia in a five-day test match. No matter how great things are going, if the game continues for the entire five days, your bet might not settle in time, you will have lost your bet and the free bet offer might end.


Unsettled Bets: What Are They?

When a bet is still pending resolution or payment, it’s referred to as an unsettled bet. A bet becomes unsettled when there is a delay in the settlement process because of things like technical difficulties or security checks, or when the result of the wager or market on which the bet was placed is yet to be made official.

This means that a bet placed by a bettor may be left pending until a new date is arranged or the bet is void and the stake is reimbursed to the bettor, for instance, if they bet on a football game and it is postponed or cancelled because of bad weather or other unanticipated events. This means that the bookmaker needs to reimburse the bettor the full amount. 

What Happens If A Wager Is Placed And The Outcome Changes?

The outcome of the wager may vary if a result is altered after a bet has been settled, depending upon the particulars and the terms and conditions of the bookmaker or betting exchange. Generally speaking, if there is proof of a mistake or irregularity in the settlement process, the bookmaker or betting exchange may be entitled to recover the gains if the outcome changes after the wager has been settled and the bettor has already been paid out. This is referred to as voiding or reversing the bet.

The bookmaker or betting exchange may cancel the wager and restore the investment to the bettor if the outcome changes after the bet has been completed and the bettor has not yet received payment. What happens in the event that a result is changed and how bets are settled are subject to the particular terms and conditions of the bookmaker or betting exchange. Prior to placing a wager, bettors should read and understand these terms and conditions. If they have any queries or issues regarding the settlement procedure, they can also get in touch with customer service.

Is It Possible To Reverse A Settled Bet?

A bet cannot usually be reversed once it has been settled. A bet is deemed settled when it is accepted as final, and bookmakers or betting exchanges usually cannot undo or modify the results of a settled bet. Nonetheless, there could be rare situations when a settled wager is reversed, including when a technological fault or other irregularity in the settlement procedure leads to an inaccurate conclusion. The bookmaker or betting exchange may be able to cancel the wager under certain circumstances and give the bettor their money back.

If A Bet Hasn’t Been Settled Yet, What’s The Issue?

The information about the wager you are requesting may be found in the My Bets area of your betting account if your bet has not yet been settled or if the outcomes of the events you have bet on have been made public. Make sure your bets are on events that have already finished and aren’t still going on. To resolve the issue, get in touch with the customer support staff using the number on the disputed bet slip if the bety is still open and ten to thirty minutes have passed after the results were declared.

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