What Makes a Great Sportsbook Review?

Sportsbook Review

A great sportsbook review provides readers with high-quality, verified information about the betting site that gives readers a clear idea of what to expect. The ideal review is written by an industry expert who can benchmark the sportsbook against competitors and offer insightful analysis. This expertise helps readers make an informed decision.

Expert perspectives identify strengths and weaknesses while contextualising key factors like odds, bonuses, markets, and more against the highest industry standards. This level of authoritative analysis empowers bettors to choose the betting site that best fits their needs.

In this article, we delve into how MrBetting.co.uk, the gambling comparison site Bojoko, and the media giant The Sun create compelling sportsbook reviews. Additionally, we explore Trustpilot’s user-generated reviews in contrast to expert industry perspectives. By examining reviews from diverse sources – affiliate sites, major publications, and user-driven sites – we can gain a well-rounded view of how sportsbooks are assessed for bettors from various angles.

The Most Important Features of Sportsbook Reviews

Sportsbook reviews should examine all the key features bettors care about, such as the welcome offer, available markets, odds, banking methods, and licensing.

The award-winning gambling comparison site Bojoko provides its full review methodology on its website and links to it from each of its sportsbook reviews. Again, this gives insight into how Bojoko forms their ratings around the aspects that matter most to bettors.

Similarly, in MrBetting’s reviews, you can find a detailed “how we rate sportsbooks” section outlining our rating methodology. This transparency allows readers to understand how MrBetting arrives at our evaluations. Their ratings stem directly from analysis of key features like bonuses, odds, and more.

In contrast, major outlet The Sun does not reveal their review rating criteria and process alongside their published sportsbook assessments. This lack of visible methodology makes contextualising The Sun’s evaluations harder.

Then there is Trustpilot. It provides readers with valuable information, primarily serving as a platform for customer feedback. In Trustpilot, the weight of each review’s different aspects is the personal perspective of the feedback giver.

How Different Review Sites Rate Key Features

Overall, reviews of betting sites include several key features. Below, we present five fundamental aspects and how different comparison websites approach these.

Bonus Offers

Free bets, cashback, deposit bonuses, and many other betting offers are often at the centre of reviews of betting sites. New players are interested in what’s offered in exchange for their patronage and whether the terms and conditions of the available bonuses are favourable.

The bonus terms and conditions receive a comprehensive explanation in a high-quality bookmaker review. The review openly provides all information without concealment, including details about the first deposit bonus.

Bonuses and their terms and conditions are crucial for players, and sharing all possible information about them is paramount. MrBetting, Bojoko, and The Sun fluently give their readers all the necessary bonus details and terms.

However, for those looking to dive even deeper into bonus reviews, Trustpilot often offers a wealth of user experiences. Nevertheless, it’s important to remember that not all feedback is valid, and sometimes, comments may express frustration for unjust reasons.

Betting Options

While you might find the English Premier League in the table of almost every bookmaker, you might have different luck with horse and greyhound racing. In a comprehensive review, the diversity and range of betting options are well-presented, ensuring readers know what they can bet on with a particular bookmaker.

MrBetting tends to favour a broader range of options, giving a “thumbs up” for more choices, and The Sun assesses the extent of markets on a case-by-case basis in individual reviews. When we look at Bojoko’s sportsbook reviews, their review criteria mention that having a certain number of different sports categories earns a specific score. At the same time, the absence of niche sports can result in a lower rating.

In contrast, Trustpilot users less frequently provide feedback on what sports, matches, races, leagues, etc., you can bet on. This is unfortunate as ordinary players’ voices might not be as prominent in this regard.


Odds are everything when it comes to betting. Even if a betting site’s bonuses and diversity of betting options are in order, if the odds could be better, it may deter some players from seeking better value for their money elsewhere.

For this reason, presenting the odds in a review of a betting site is a key feature. The review is better the more profound it delves into the odds. Bojoko places the largest importance on this, with their experts calculating betting sites’ return-to-player percentages and payout margins based on the betting odds. In this way, the player receives the best comparable information about the bookmaker’s betting odds.

Here at MrBetting, we also use odds as a rating factor, but we do not go that far. Trustpilot is also a good source for seeking information about the odds. Comments and reviews on the site often highlight how different bookmakers’ odds compare to other betting sites. The Sun provides commentary on odds but could be in much better depth.

Deposits and Withdrawals

Deposits and withdrawals play a significant role in betting, as bettors naturally want all their deposits and withdrawals to be fast, secure, and free. Introducing different payment methods, disclosing withdrawal times, and providing information on potential fees and minimum transfer limits are vital elements in every betting site review.

MrBetting, Bojoko, and The Sun are fairly aligned regarding banking and financial transactions. All these websites have emphasised the significance of deposits and withdrawals in their reviews, listing all supported payment methods for each brand in their sportsbook reviews. Among the three, Bojoko is the only one that includes withdrawal times.

Once again, Trustpilot provides valuable user-specific information. However, financial transactions tend to evoke strong emotions, and even a minor unexpected delay can lead to disproportionate comments on Trustpilot. Therefore, it’s essential to use a filter when assessing those comments. The truth usually lies somewhere between the praise and the criticism.

License and Responsible Gambling

A good review also explains the site’s license and how it impacts security. The license also determines how processes like the Know Your Customer procedure work. Understanding and completing KYC requirements in advance helps you avoid unpleasant surprises when it’s time to withdraw your winnings.

Betting should always be enjoyable and not dominate your daily life. That is why a mature betting site review opens up the bookmaker’s approach and tools for responsible gambling. This kind of information can be precious information for some punters.

License, responsibility and safe gambling may be somewhat mundane, but they are precious for bettors. If a sportsbook reviewing entity in the UK doesn’t address these aspects in their texts, it raises more questions than answers. MrBetting, Bojoko, and The Sun all pay attention to these critical features. Naturally, Trustpilot discussions also revolve around these aspects for each bookmaker.

There are, however, some differences. For instance, Bojoko and The Sun only focus on betting sites licensed by the UKGC, while MrBetting lists all sportsbooks open to UK players, giving us a different selection. These sites will, of course, still be licensed by trusted regulatory bodies.

Why Explore Sportsbook Reviews?

There are several reasons why it’s worth reading reviews of sports betting websites. Firstly, they provide valuable insights into the diversity of these sites. You can understand what different bookmakers offer, including betting options and bonuses.

Reviews also address the safety and reliability of sports betting websites, which is crucial in betting. Additionally, reviews can reveal details that may not be immediately apparent, such as hidden terms and conditions in bonus offers.

They also assist in making comparisons between different sites, helping you choose the one that best suits your preferences. Overall, sports betting website reviews are a valuable tool to make informed decisions in the realm of betting.

The Difference Between Good and Bad Sportsbook Reviews

The most high-quality reviews are those which are made hands-on. The reviewer will create an account at the sportsbook, deposit funds, place bets, request payouts, and utilise customer service. This gives them first-hand experience of the betting process.

At the end of a well-crafted and professional sports betting review, you will also find the author’s real name, face, and background information about the writer. By disclosing the author’s name, the reviewer stakes their expertise, making creating a quality review a matter of pride. For example, all of Bojoko’s and The Sun’s reviews include the reviewer’s name and a link to the writer’s profile, where they are more thoroughly introduced. This builds trust with the readers.

Not-so-good reviews instead are superficial, based mainly on light observations made from an external perspective. The writers of these reviews have likely not tested the site themselves and may not even have expertise in sports betting. Some reviews may be biased, especially if the reviewer wants to promote a particular bookmaker.

Usually, in these reviews, the reviewer’s name isn’t even disclosed, or it’s presented with just a forename and an avatar image, for example. These reviews are often made by reading other ratings and having a “close enough” mentality.

While players need to be careful with the betting sites they sign up to, it is equally essential to be vigilant with the review sites they trust. Good sportsbook review sites cut down time, provide all necessary information and allow you to make quick, informed decisions. Once you know what to look for in a good and trustworthy sportsbook review and have your go-to review sites, everything becomes much easier.

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