Basketball Betting Guide 101: Learn How To Bet On Basketball

How to bet on basketball

Basketball is huge all over the world. NBA, short for the National Basketball Association, thrives in the United States and dominates above all other sports, which has led basketball to become one of the biggest sports in North America. The number of basketball bettors has substantially risen due to the game’s competitiveness and thrilling action. Thankfully, there are plenty of basketball betting sites and opportunities available during the exciting 82-game NBA calendar and as a result, a large number of sportsbooks that specialise in basketball betting have emerged recently. 

Regardless of your level of betting experience with basketball, if you’re looking to bet on something new, Mr. Betting’s guide will teach you winning strategies and cover all the information you need to know about basketball wagering. We’ll explain the various NBA wager types in this guide, along with offering advice and tactics from our team of betting experts to help you place more intelligent bets. 

How To Bet On Basketball

Basketball enthusiasts and gamblers may take advantage of college basketball fixtures that the best basketball bookmaker sites offer. But you have to know the rules of the game if you want to bet on basketball and win. In order to obtain enough basketball wagering information, you need also to conduct your own extensive research on the basketball games you plan to bet on. 

If you choose the top basketball betting websites, the process is usually smoother. These bookmakers provide a huge selection of markets, awesome basketball betting lines, and information on how to win your bet using the range of betting offers.

The more knowledge you have about betting on basketball, the easier it will be to place an NBA bet. Before or during the game, the method is simple – you need to simply make predictions about the results of basketball matches. The majority of basketball events come from several leagues, such as:

  • NBA
  • EuroLeague
  • Liga ACB
  • LNB Pro A
  • Greek Basket League

NBA Basketball Betting Odds Explained

When it comes to wagering on basketball, odds are crucial. That is, whether you want to bet on games from other elite basketball leagues like the NBA. Basketball odds help bookies make a profit. However, you can also use them to calculate your odds of winning a particular bet. You must multiply your investment by the odds value in order to do this.

Because of the intense competitiveness in the NBA, for example, NBA odds are usually higher and more competitive. However, since they include a high level of risk, basketball outright and future bets have typically higher odds. Also, different bookmakers provide various forms of basketball odds. Decimal, Hong Kong, Decimal, Indo, and European are a few of the common odds forms.

Typical Errors Made When Betting on Basketball

When it comes to basketball wagering, punters are known to make a lot of errors. Frequently, the errors result in losses for them. These errors are the most common in NBA games that punters may make:

Punters Aren’t Familiar With The Sport

With little to no knowledge of the sport, betting on basketball is almost always a foolish idea. You are unable to determine which team you think will win or understand correct score betting. Placing basketball bets is also more difficult when you don’t understand how to analyse the data on the game you want to bet on. Usually, because they are unfamiliar with the sport, players end up making wrong bets even on the best teams on the NBA schedule.

Not Keeping Up With The Players’ Forms

It is important to consider injuries and team form when you’re about to place your bet. It’s also unrealistic to expect a team to perform well when the majority of its best players are out. When putting wagers, such as which team will make the first basket, these crucial details come in helpful. Also, you may use the information from our NBA betting guide to make accurate wagers on the match winner.

Don’t Always Bet On Your Favourite Team

It goes without saying that if you’re a basketball lover, you have a favourite NBA team. You must refrain from placing bets on your preferred team until you have done a lot of research and the facts point to the team having a good chance of winning. If not, wager on the NBA club with the best probability of winning.

The Most Popular Basketball Betting Markets

A variety of basketball wagering options are available to help you make decisions about your bets and our betting guide is here to explain each one to you. The most popular sports betting markets for basketball are included below for those who are new to the sport with a thorough explanation to help you understand the NBA game better.

Handicaps / Points Spread Betting

The most popular point spread betting option is handicap betting, which is most often used in NBA games between better and worse teams. To ensure that the game is fair in this instance, the operator will disfavour the winning team.

To win the bet, the stronger team has to overcome the handicap. The Chicago Bulls, for example, may have a handicap of (-5.5) in a game against the Los Angeles Lakers, according to the operator. A factor needs to be taken into account if you want to punt on the Chicago Bulls to win the game. Chicago Bulls must first overcome their (-5.5) handicap.

You will win the bet if, after that, the final score is still higher than the LA Lakers’. 

Winner Margin

You may benefit from larger odds offered on the Winner Margin choice rather than simply guessing who will win the match. Predicting the margin by which the winning team will defeat the losing team is necessary for this sort of bet. 

It is possible to bet on the, for example, Sacramento Kings to defeat the Boston Celtics by a 10-point margin in their game. As a result, you can only win if the margin is accurate at the conclusion of the NBA game.

Over/Under Markets

Another common total bet is the Over/Under betting market. When estimating the cumulative score of two teams in an NBA game, this market is a good choice. A Dallas Mavericks game against the Atlanta Hawks is a prime example. A total score of over 200.20 may be achieved by punting on both teams. Consider the Correct Score market, though, if you’d want better odds.

Quarter Bets

In profitable betting marketplaces, quarter bets typically provide odds that are intriguing. As it relates to professional basketball leagues, though, you can only bet quarters. Basketball punters from Europe and the US can mostly use this type of market to place a bet on European basketball and NBA face-offs. A smart quarter bet would be to punt on the Phoenix Suns to defeat the Oklahoma City Thunder in the opening frame. Thus, the Phoenix Suns need to be ahead before the end of the opening quarter and must win the game outright for this market to pay out.

Moneyline Bets

Among the most widely used ways to bet on the NBA is by using moneyline bets. You have to pick which team is going to win the game. For example, if the Los Angeles Lakers and Cleveland Cavaliers face each other during the regular NBA season, this market may be applicable. Of the two teams that are playing, it is predictable which will win. You will end up with a winning bet if the Los Angeles Lakers win and advance in the game.

Race To Points

In the world of basketball gambling, the Race to Points is another market which is popular in basketball. You have to guess which team will score a specific amount of points first according to the betting line. A Chicago Bulls vs. New York Nicks game is an example. You may guess which NBA team will score 20 points first in the game and you win the wager if it happens.

Special and Long-Term Bets

It wouldn’t be a thorough basketball betting guide if we left out these extra details, would it? Long-term bets are Futures bets. You have to place a bet on these markets on basketball games even months ahead of the actual events. Outright bets are the greatest example of a long-term bet. A long-term bet is also the NBA Championship winner.

But special bets are wagers on things that happen both within and outside of the game. Prop bets is another name for them. The two main types of special bets are manager and player bets. You may bet on the NBA MVP or the upcoming permanent basketball club management, for example. 

Live NBA Betting Explained

Basketball live betting is a popular kind of online gambling where bettors bet on NBA matches in real-time as the game progresses. Punters may access live markets and odds when they wager live, unlike when they bet before a game. It is reasonable to expect that the number of points and odds will fluctuate from time to time. However, not all wagering markets are available at all times throughout the game.

For this reason, before you put a wager on your preferred basketball team to win, make sure you first select the best bookmaker for you so that you can find the best odds possible. Participating in the live action is one benefit of basketball in-play betting.

To ensure that you get the best basketball betting experience when watching NBA playoffs live, don’t just bet on the first team you see playing well. A great NBA tip we can give you is to check our basketball betting tips and strategies below before you bet on NBA games, as it will ensure you have much more knowledge to beat the bookies!

Basketball Betting Tips And Strategies For Beating The Bookies

Make use of our top-tip betting advice and strategies in order to make informed basketball wagers. Among the key tactics that can raise your chances of making profitable wagers are the following:

Try And Find The Best Value NBA Odds Before You Place A Bet

Always search for the best basketball odds out there. It is only when you examine several bookmakers that you will find competitive odds. NBA point spread bets, special bets, and outrights are a few markets that are well-known for having competitive odds, especially during tournaments such as the NBA finals. When it comes to betting choices, these markets are regarded as riskier. Be aware that the amount you win from a winning bet depends on the odds that are offered. 

Don’t Underestimate Matched Betting and Arbitrage Betting

Two distinct types of betting systems are arbitrage and matched wagering. NBA bettors may raise their chances of winning by using these strategies when betting on the NBA. Because these two types cover every possible result, making it difficult to place an unusual wager, they are well-liked by gamblers who are seasoned in the NBA world of betting.

To completely eliminate the risk of losing, matched betting, for example, involves leveraging sportsbooks’ incentives to put numerous bets on a single market. Arbitrage, on the other hand, is a way to bet on basketball by placing bets on every possible outcome of an event across several sportsbooks. It’s a basketball betting example of a definite win. 

Maintain a Record of Your Bets And Past Betting Strategies For Bets On NBA Games

Keep a record of your basketball wagering activities, the teams you bet on and the past strategies that you have used. Knowing what works and what doesn’t means you’re more likely to succeed when gambling. Making the records detailed is also advised. You should record all of your wins and losses, for example. Record all of the big games as well. Your future wins will depend on how you’ve performed in the past.

Your Small Wins And Losses Are Also Important When You Bet On The NBA

Sports bettors who wager on basketball often use their smaller winnings to make further bets. Others tend to only pay attention to the big wins, which makes it difficult to recognise and value smaller victories. Gamblers typically become impatient to win large as a result, and they eventually begin to place any wager with large potential returns. Accept the little victories and earnings every time to steer clear of such errors. 


How is a basketball wager placed?

In order to wager on basketball, you must first choose the event, then evaluate the markets, weigh the odds, and then put your wager. To improve your chances of winning, however, make sure you do a thorough investigation.

How are the odds for basketball betting determined?

The chance of an event occurring is used to compute basketball betting odds. Because there are a lot of markets for each basketball game, bookies use specialized software to compute the odds. (View: Betting sites with best odds)

Are live wagers on basketball contests allowed?

It’s possible to wager on basketball games as they are being played. To satisfy NBA punters, the majority of bookmakers provide live basketball betting options. However, ensure the bookmaker of your choice for live betting has live betting capabilities, such as the ability to broadcast live.

How can I place a Moneyline bet?

Moneyline is a popular wager in which you have to guess the outcome of the game. Because it just concentrates on the Win, Draw, Win result, the betting choice is popular among gamblers.

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