The Ultimate Beginner’s Tennis Betting Guide 

How to bet on tennis

Being a year-round sport with brief seasonal breaks, tennis is one of the few sports where bettors can rely on all year round. The number of tournaments and matches available to be bet on are higher than most, and some of the best players in the world can help you make a ton of money from betting.

To help you win more, from this guide you’ll learn more about how to bet on tennis matches, the range of tennis tournaments, betting sites with best betting odds and betting markets available, and you’ll also gain more knowledge from the best tennis betting strategies and tips out there! You can also check our list with the best tennis betting sites in the UK.

How To Bet On Tennis

Here’s a step-by-step guide that will walk you through the entire process of betting on tennis online, from creating an account to placing your first bet. The sign-up process is pretty much the same with any betting site you choose, so you can’t go wrong by following this guide!

  • Create an account – The procedure begins with the account creation step. Go to the betting site of your choice and click the “Join” button at the top of the page to get started. 
  • Enter your personal information – You must enter your email address, password, name, and address. The procedure should just take a few minutes. 
  • Make your first deposit – Although you are not required to deposit money right away, it is advisable to do so before because you won’t be able to place bets on the betting site without doing so. Make your selection from the available deposit methods under the “Deposit” section. 
  • Select your tennis betting market – After setting up your account, look for the available tennis betting markets using the navigation bar. If you’re completely new to any form of tennis betting, stick to traditional and easier markets such as “match winner”. You’ll be able to see the variety of upcoming matches that you can wager on by clicking on the tennis symbol.
  • Place your bets – Select the tennis match you wish to wager on and the market, and place your wager in the box, then watch to see if you’ve bet on the winner!

These Are The Types Of Tennis Betting Markets You Can Use To Bet On

Betting on a tennis match consists of more than just betting on the correct score. A vast array of markets are available for betting on at the top sports betting sites. The possibilities of more markets increases with match size. Bigger tournament games allow for the widest variety of betting options; they offer the most coverage and some of the best prop bets available. A variety of markets are listed below, along with details on how they operate:

✅ Futures

Futures are match bets placed on future games, usually ones that take place after the current tournament or match, that will be decided in the future. These bets are frequently made on results like Grand Slam victors, event winners, or year-end rankings.

Tennis futures markets include, for example, placing a bet on a tennis player who will win the US Open next weekend, guessing if a player will win a place as one of the top-ranked players in the world at the end of the season, or betting on the Wimbledon Men’s Singles champion before the event even begins. Futures bets provide the chance to win large amounts of money, but because the results are known for a considerable amount of time, they need a lengthier investment period.

✅ Parlay bets

Multiple separate bets are combined into a single stake in a parlay, better known as an accumulator or combination bet. Every single pick included in the parlay bet needs to be successful for this type of bet to win. 

Consider creating a parlay using the results of three matches. You have won your parlay bet if each of the three players wins their individual match. Given that the chances of each pick are compounded collectively, parlays have the potential to pay out larger sums. The whole bet will be lost, though, if any of the individual choices in the parlay lose.

✅ In-Play Betting

Tennis bettors may place bets on live tennis matches while the game is still in progress using in-play betting, commonly referred to as live betting. In-play betting sites allows you to respond to shifting match dynamics and modify your strategy as necessary.

An in-play wager, for instance, allows you to wager on the winner of the following game, the number of games in a set, or even the result of the current point. With in-play betting, bettors can make well-informed judgments in real time by analysing player performance, match flow, and other aspects. It’s an engaging and dynamic experience.

✅ Over/Under Betting

Predicting whether the total number of sets or games played in a match will be higher or lower than a given number set by the bookmaker is the goal of the over/under market.

I.e, you can bet on whether the total number of games played will exceed or fall short of the over/under line, which is set at i.e, 21.5 games. Your bet will be profitable if the match concludes with a total of 23 games played if you wagered on the over. Instead of focusing on picking the match’s winner, over/under betting enables gamblers to concentrate on the match’s total intensity and duration.

✅ Handicap Betting

Tennis handicap betting involves betting on one player who is given a virtual advantage or disadvantage over the other before the start of the match. It could be in terms of games or sets. To create more balanced tennis betting odds and level the playing field is the goal.

A +1.5 set handicap, on the other hand, indicates that the underdog player can win the match or lose by just one set, but a -1.5 set handicap requires the favoured player to win by at least two sets. This market offers more betting possibilities than only match winners, allowing bettors to also bet on profit by manipulating the perceived ability differential between participants.

✅ Set Betting

When you bet on sets, you have to guess how many sets the game will end up with and the outcome. Also, you can bet on who you think will win a set.

For instance, if you bet Player A 2-1 in sets, the scoreboard must to be perfect in order for the wager to win. The bet will be lost if they lose the game or win by any other scoreline. By providing more betting possibilities, this market enables bettors to take advantage of their understanding of players’ abilities, limitations, and performances over several sets. Due to the greater difficulty and precision involved in projecting the precise set results, set betting has larger odds than match betting.

✅ Match Betting

One way to wager on individual matches is to place a bet on who you believe will be the winner. With several matches each day, this is the most popular type of bet in tennis. As long as you pick the match winner regardless of the score, it’s a rather easy wager.

The likelihood of each player winning will be reflected in the best odds on offer. You have to search for value in tennis since there are many games where the odds are in one player’s favour over the other, particularly in the open rounds.

✅ Tournament’s Outright Winner 

The tournament’s outright winner betting involves predicting which player will win a whole tournament or championship. Your selected player must win the whole tournament, as opposed to placing bets on specific match results. 

Usually accessible prior to the event starting and lasting until a specific point, this market provides a long-term view. Based on the player’s past performance, rankings, and level of competition in the event, many factors affect the chances for betting on the outright winner.

Live Betting On Tennis

Many other sports have seen increased betting activity thanks to live betting, but tennis may be at or very close to the top of the list. Bets on nearly every aspect of the match may now be placed at sportsbooks

Win the match, win the set, and win the game are the three major moneyline bet options that are available when live betting is in progress. This lets you wager on who will win in the match as a whole, in the current set, and in the next game. This adds a little more entertainment value by providing you with a wide range of possibilities to wager on. You may watch the competition and try to guess nearly every outcome that will occur.

Top Tennis Tournaments to Bet on

Certain tennis events are particularly notable in the betting world because of their prominence, level of competition, and betting options. Let’s examine the best tennis competitions that offer an exciting atmosphere for tennis bettors, ranging from Grand Slam events to the prestigious ATP and WTA events.

🎾 WTA Finals

If you want to bet on tennis, WTA Finals are a classic choice. The top-ranked players on the WTA Tour compete in the WTA Finals, also referred to as the WTA Tour Championships, to cap off their season. It features the top eight singles players and doubles teams competing for the championship, just like the ATP Finals do. Serena Williams, Chris Evert, Martina Navratilova, Steffi Graf, and Martina Hingis are among the well-known WTA Finals participants.

🎾 The ATP Finals

Every year, the top-ranked singles and doubles players on the ATP Tour conclude their seasons with the ATP Finals, a men’s tennis competition. Top eight players in singles and top eight doubles couples are vying for the championship.

Participants are split into two groups and the competition is run in a round-robin style. A knockout semifinal round precedes the championship match for the top two players from each group. Some of the most well-known ATP Finals winners include Rafael Nadal, Pete Sampras, Ivan Lendl, Roger Federer, and Novak Djokovic.

🎾 Australian Open

The oldest of the four majors, the Australian Open began play in 1905. It marks the beginning of the major tennis season and is often held in January. Hard court tennis is the format for these matches. Notable winners include Margaret Court, who has won eleven women’s singles championships, and Novak Djokovic, who currently holds the record for the most men’s singles victories with nine.

🎾 French Open

An additional Grand Slam tennis event is the French Open, commonly called Roland Garros. Ever since it was first played on clay courts in 1891, the yearly event is held in Paris, France. Rafael Nadal, who has won 13 men’s singles titles, is among the most successful players in the history of the French Open. The two women’s singles champions from Roland Garros, Chris Evert and Suzanne Lenglen, each have six titles to their names. 

🎾 US Open

Every year, the US Open, one of the four Grand Slam tennis competitions, takes place in New York City. It is well-known for its hard courts at Flushing Meadows and has a long history, dating back to 1881. In addition to Roger Federer and Pete Sampras, who share the record for the most men’s singles victories in the Open Era with five apiece, Serena Williams, who has won six women’s singles titles, is one of the most decorated players at the US Open. 

🎾 Wimbledon

The world’s oldest and most renowned tennis competition is Wimbledon. Since 1877, London, England has hosted four Grand Slam competitions, of which this is one. Wimbledon is well-known around the world for its unique traditions and grass courts. Legendary athletes like Rafael Nadal, Serena Williams, and Roger Federer have won several titles in this competition. The greatest tennis player of all time, Roger Federer of Switzerland, has won eight men’s singles titles, while Martina Navratilova has won nine women’s singles wins.

The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Betting On Tennis

➕ Advantages 

  • Wide Range of Betting Options – Tennis betting provides a wide range of markets on the betting section of the sportsbook you have selected, where you can find out the odds on match winners, set bets, over/under, handicaps, and more.
  • A Big Selection Of Matches All Year – From smaller-scale tournaments to renowned Grand Slam events, there is a steady stream of matches to wager on thanks to the year-round tournament schedule.
  • Opportunities for Live Betting – Tennis live betting is usually available on loads of events, enabling bettors to make decisions in real time depending on how the game is progressing and how its dynamics are changing. The sportsbooks also update their odds depending on how the game is progressing. Tennis betting odds represent the possibility of your bet winning, so make sure you watch live games.
  • A Lot Of Accessibility and Coverage –  A lot of media coverage is given to matches, which makes it simpler to learn about the sport and keep up with news about players, injuries, and performance updates.

➖ Disdvantages

  • Limited Tournament Depth: It might be more difficult to evaluate player form and performance in some smaller tennis tournaments due to a lack of statistics and coverage. This may increase the difficulty of betting on lower-level competitions.
  • Unpredictability – Unexpected events and upsets are frequent, which makes it difficult to forecast results precisely and raises the possibility of losing bets.
  • Player Injuries: Player injuries are common, and unexpected player absences or restrictions can have a big influence on the result of a match and put bettors in the dark.

Use These Tennis Betting Tips & Strategies To Maximise Your Winnings

Aside from betting on who will win, or betting on individual players for any random tennis match, we have prepared a strategy guide for you to follow, so that you’ll always be likely to win in straight sets when betting!

  • Live Betting Markets: By following live matches and the markets on offer, you can take advantage of fluctuating odds by spotting player performance swings, injuries, or adjustments in momentum. With in-play betting, you may take advantage of advantageous possibilities as a match’s dynamics change.
  • Advanced Statistics: Player serve percentages, return of serve efficiency, and break point conversion rates, can be used in statistical analysis. More accurate predictions may be made by gaining a greater knowledge of a player’s strengths and limitations via the analysis of precise statistics.
  • Value Betting: To identify value bets, compare your estimated odds with those offered by bookmakers. Compare the odds provided with the chance of outcomes you have determined from your study and analysis. Long-term gains can be achieved by placing bets when the odds are favorable.
  • Betting On The Player: Choosing a player to bet on to win the match is known as match winner betting. With its emphasis on projecting the general result rather than individual specifics, it’s an easy method that’s appropriate for novice bettors.
  • Head-to-head Analysis: Researching the match histories of players can show you important information in head-to-head analysis. While placing a wager, take into account trends like player dominance or advantageous matches.
  • Tennis Court Analysis: Distinct players have different strengths on various tennis courts. Learn about how players perform on various surfaces and what their preferences are. You can benefit from betting on players that have a good track record on a certain surface.


How can I place a tennis wager?

To place a tennis wager, pick a trustworthy sportsbook, register, deposit money, pick a match, pick your wager type (match winner, for example), input your stake, and finalise your wager.

During a tennis match, is it possible to wager live?

Tennis wagering is possible at sportsbooks through live or in-play betting options, which let you place bets during the event and take advantage of shifting conditions and odds.

How do odds for tennis bets work?

Tennis betting odds show how likely it is for something to happen. Whereas lower odds suggest a higher likelihood, bigger odds denote a lesser probability. Your investment and the chances are used to determine the possible reward.

Which tennis wager types are most common?

The most common sorts of tennis bets include handicaps, over/under games, match winners, sets, and live betting during matches.

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