Alphabet Bet: Alphabet Betting In Horse Racing Explained

Alphabet Bet

Alphabet betting is something many bettors have never heard of before when it comes to the big number of bet choices in the world of sports betting. For those who appreciate horse racing betting, an alphabet bet is a common option amongst the different types of bets a punter can place. Although it’s widely used in horse racing and football, it can, however, occasionally be used in other sports too. 

Similar to other wagers, an alphabet wager has several stake kinds with distinct names. It may first appear a little complicated if you have never placed a wager using this type of bet, but the fact that you’re interested in learning more about it is a great place to start. Continue reading to learn everything there is to know about the alphabet bet system.

What Is An Alpha Bet?

The Yankee bet and Patent bets are two distinct techniques that are best combined to form an Alphabet bet. Simply put, an alphabet bet is one type of accumulator bet. Because there are 26 different bets, it is named after the alphabet. In an this type of bet, you will have one Yankee (eighteen bets) and two patents (sixteen bets) in addition to a conventional six-fold accumulator (one bet).

Keep in mind that your winnings are divided by the total number of bets in order to pay out on all 26 bets. Therefore, you would end up betting £52 by staking a £2 bet. When the time comes to make a gamble, it will appear much less intimidating if you break your bet slip down into its component parts. It may not appear to be as difficult as you may have assumed.

How Does An Alphabet Bet Work At Bookmakers?

Now that you know what an Alphabet bet is, the next step is to determine which six options to include in your wager. A number between one and six will be assigned to each selection, and some will have varying weights.

The Heinz bet type is the closest thing that this type of bet resembles. There are 57 bets altogether in play when it comes to the Heinz wager, however you may bet on six choices. It is important to take a closer look at the sections of the Alphabet betting system. Below are the Alphabet bet types explained: 

Yankee Bet

In the Alphabet bet, the Yankee stake is the second combination. A favourite among novice punters, 11 bets totaling four choices, which are 6 doubles, 4 trebles and 1 four-fold accumulator are included in the Yankee bet.

Similar to the Patent bets, the Yankee bet’s doubles and trebles operate in the same way. Even though the last kind of bet is a four-fold accumulator, it resembles doubles and trebles in several ways. Though they’re always a lot of fun, accumulators often require that every pre-betting requirement be completed in order to win. Therefore, in order to receive a return on your stake when playing four-folds, each of the four bets in total must win.

Patent Bets

A triple selection bet is combined into a first patent bet. There are seven bets within each Patent bet. This comprises of one triple, three doubles and three single bets. The singles are the standard “Moneyline” type win/lose bets with only one pick. Your bet would cover all possible outcomes here by using your bet slip. Given that there are two decisions to make as part of the alphabet bet, the double bet may be the more difficult choice as you would have to win both picks in order for the double bet to win.

Next is the treble, which means using each of your three singles. In order for you to win, all three picks must win. Selections 1, 2, and 3 will be included in the two patents that the Alphabet possesses (for a total of 14 bets). Selected numbers 4, 5, and 6 are considered in the second Patent bet.

Six-Fold Accumulator

In the Alphabet bet, the six-fold accumulator is the last step. This is perhaps the hardest bet to place in terms of bet earnings, because you have to earn  with each of your six selections. 

How to Place An Alphabet Bet At The Bookies

You may wager on a wide range of sports with an Alphabet bet. All things considered, multiple bet types and placing alphabet bets perform best on football and horse racing, just like other accumulators.

But keep in mind that you don’t need to gain back every portion of the bet to generate a profit. The payout will be doubled or tripled, depending on which selections make a double or treble. With a six-fold combination bet, you may place the bet on football’s other markets in addition to picking the victorius score, such First Goalscorer and Anytime Goalscorer.

The Alphabet horse racing wagering methodology is very similar to the football one. There are six choices available to you. After that, with a bet that is placed, the possible gains will be calculated. For example, if all of the specific bets in your six-fold acca win, you might make a huge profit by using flash odds and betting just a £1 alphabet bet for a total investment of, say, £50.

The Alphabet Bet Calculator: How To Use It

Remember that Alphabet betting consists of 26 bets and 6 picks, even if accumulators might be difficult to understand, use and calculate prospective profits.

The majority of sports betting sites will have an alphabet calculator for placing bets. The amount of your possible earnings, assuming every wager pays off, when you make an alphabet bet, will be displayed to you when you click “Calculate Bet,” after inputting the odds and the desired stake size. 

Alphabet Free Bets Stakes

Be mindful of the limited payoffs if you decide to place a free bet stakes on an alphabet. It is advisable to review the terms and conditions of any online bookmaker’s sign-up bonuses . It is typically not advisable to use free bets on alphabet bet types; instead, they should be used mostly on single bets. 

Advantages and Disadvantages of Alphabet Bets

You may be wondering why certain bettors like to use an Alphabet bet at bookies after learning more about how a bet is made properly. There are unavoidably certain drawbacks to Alphabet wagers. The primary one is that the cost might be high, and more than some bettors can afford to lose. Here are some advantages and disadvantages:

  • An alphabet bet comprises 26 bets. By covering a wider range, alphabet bets increase your odds of beating the odds.
  • High-risk tactics may be calculated with the use of bet calculators from Alphabet, which also make it simple to see the potential effects of different outcomes.
  • Alphabet Bets gives you the option to choose your bets in whatever order you’d like, so you may place some wagers above others in order to increase your profits.
  • When using accumulators, you may be tempted increase your amount in parts of the bet that you stake in an attempt to make up for any losses that you’ve experienced. Avoid doing this at all costs, since it may result in harmful gambling habits and increase your debt.
    It’s possible to make mistakes that may cost you to lose a lot more when you’re just starting out as a bettor. So, it’s advisable to start off with just separate bets and leave the accas for later when you have more experience.

Are Alphabet Wagers Reliable?

With just one pick needing to win, you may win a lot of money with alphabet bets (odds vary). Alphabet bets are bets that require more experience. You may also withdraw any money no matter what the odds are as long as one of your six picks wins. On your bet slip, however, here is where things may become a bit more difficult. When you place an alphabet bet, you are actually putting 26 bets, thus your initial investment or wager will be multiplied by 26.

To put £2 on each wager in an alphabet bet, for instance, your total investment would be £52. One Yankee bet and your patents are only two of the 26 wagers that will stack up. Your full interest could not be covered even if you are successful in winning both your first and second patent. If the return on your single option is less than your entire investment, you could only receive a portion of your money returned.

For this reason, alphabet wagers are thought to be rather confusing! Always keep odds and your current cash flow in mind, along with the many events and bets that pertain to your choices.

With Horse Racing, How Many Wins Are Required For An Alphabet Stake To Be Valid?

An alphabet bet can be won with just one horse. But as said, this might mean you only get some of your money back. Naturally, the more horses you wager on and win, the more money you will receive back. 

Other 6 Selection Bet Types

These additional bet kinds have six choices each. These all operate very differently from alphabet wagers, so before you begin, please review their terms and conditions.

What Happens if a Selection is a Non-Runner?

Although it’s not always good news, having a non-runner in your bet might be annoying at times. In the event that there is no runner, your bet will simply be nullified, turning your double bets into singles, your treble bets into doubles, and so on. Therefore, if it seemed doubtful that your choice would win, you could be better off going with a non-runner.

In the event of a dead heat, the stake is split by the number of runners and the number of places in an each-way wager.


When Placing Alphabet Bets On Horse Racing, How Many Horses Are Required To Win?

An alphabet bet can be won with just one horse. But as said, this might mean you only get some of your money back. Naturally, the more horses you wager on and win, the more money you will receive back. 

How Can I Always Win For An Alphabet Bet?

There is no guaranteed strategy to win on bets made using the alphabet system. Betting on at least one horse with favourable odds can increase your chances of winning. This is so even if it’s a combination bet; winnings on only one horse will suffice.

How Do Patent Bets Work?

Seven bets on three options make up a patent bet. This means that if you bet on alphabet races, you will bet on races 1, 2, and 3, followed by 4,5 and 6.

Is A Patent Bet Worth Placing?

If you’re not sure how your choices will turn out, it’s a solid bet selection. 

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